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Eh this is interesting enough.

Name- Ferret
Age- (18 or over) 28
Gender- Male
Species- Furry wolf
species info-(if your species has any interesting biological features, horns, fangs, claws, poison, bio-luminescence, any of that or more)
Implant(Deactivated): Spine and left arm were replaced with mechanical ones due to falling from a great height.
Height- 6 Ft
Weight- 110 Ibs
Appearance-  White fur with yellow eyes, wears a dark blue hoodie, blue jeans and brown shoes. (coloring, markings, etc.)
Personality- Ferret is a wildcard, depending how how he feels he could be anything! From kind to devious, loyal to disloyal. But if you befriend him, you have his upmost loyalty and a friend for life. He is a wolf of few words and is either the luckiest or unluckiest wolf in the world.
character strengths: Stealth, speed, can think on his paws, climbing.
character flaws- Endurance, impulsive, cocky.
Job before amnesia- Thief mostly. But had other jobs too.
(no expert level job positions please)
Other: Is selectively mute


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