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Mid Favila:
Something I've noticed about Furtopia's forum software is that it's usable almost in its entirety without JavaScript - of course, its age in mind, this makes perfect sense; given the state of the modern web, however, it's refreshing to see a site that is quick, no-nonsense and efficient. I can even use the site normally within a purely text-based browser.

Do any of the rest of you know of similarly simplistic, sans-JS sites (ideally optimized for text browsing/low-bandwith connections)? Some of the ones I know of are:

* Invidious - Program written in a language called Crystal that provides a pure HTML interface to YouTube, including comments and content downloading
* - Frontend for Reddit; although I don't use the site myself, it's useful for the odd times people link me to it
* {libera,freenode} - Plaintext IRC logging
* - No-nonsense, crowdsourced recipe archive
* - The latest news about Linux and UNIX developments
* - The ravings of a crazy Russian dude about computers (in particular Lisp programming) and math. Pretty interesting stuff if that's your cup of tea
I'm always on the lookout for text-friendly alternatives to existing sites, since modern sites are far too heavy to run on my laptop and its usual connection (for reference, an 800mhz dual-core CPU and a cellular modem with a 128kbps duplex link).


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