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Hmm, ok then, well, I'm 19, I'm from Wales (Yep, a Dragon from the land of the Dragons, our flag even has one ^.=.^  ). Ok, that's really not too specific, but yea. If you'd like to know anything else, feel free to post up anything you'd like to know. You may have some internet cookies courtesy of Furtopia if you ask >.=.>

Roughly whereabouts in Wales? I got lost in Wales once and climbed the mountain just across the valley from Snowdon with my then dog.   Llanberis would be my favourite out of the bits of Wales I've got around to visiting.

(Feel free not to answer that if the idea of freaky internet people displaying excessive curiosity in where you live is offputting, I'm just being nosey.)

I live in the middle -ish area along the north coast. We have some very beautiful scenary around here. You go to the top of the hill that my house is on the side of, you look out to the north and you can see the sea stretching out in front of you, then you turn around and look the other way and there's a lovely green valley. Of course, I'm giving the place way too much credit, there is some very dodgy stuff around here that you probably don't want to get involved with. But, if you ignore all of the stuff, it's a very nice place to live; Unless you're a fur, because you've got to pay out alot of money to get to the nearest meets and cons...

Kinda like this place then ^,^
Soo i got a question, planning on attending any cons? and if so what ones ^,^

Of course I am Paws ^.=.~

But you already knew that didn't you


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