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Heya, everyone!

Well, I figure I should introduce myself, at least.  My name is Alexandre de Britos Santoro, a name that originates from Portuguese (though many others call me Alex or Big Al).  I was born in the poor part of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  but was accidentally mailed to the U.S. in a card-board box (which also happened to be my home).  Luckily, a nice little family took me in, even if it was in Utah.

I'll have to write my biography some day.  :)

Anyway, I love English, and I really want to write.  I'm a horrible artist, but I enjoy writing.  A lot of my time will be dedicated to college for the next 40 bazillion years until I can finally teach English on the university level.  In other words, I'm never getting out of school.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I'm not scary, I swear...

Welcome!  (:

Howdy! That's an interesting back ground for sure though! :)

What's your favorite tea? 
>@_@<  ::Dewy-eyed look of innocence::

Welcome to the team Al ^_^
Really glad to have you on board.  *Offers a cup of tea as per Kwan's design* >_>

We'll also require you to have a communication chip stuck in your brain so you can stay in contact with us all the time, so if you could come to my office around 5 pm tomorrow, that'd be great ^_^


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