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Dew husky or Green tea husky?

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Welcome to my new Meet the Mod thread for myself. As you can see, I'm starting over. I guess I just wanted to tone down the role playing and other craziness that was in the older other thread that I got rid of, and start anew. I don't mind a little fun and craziness from time to time, but I guess I just want things to be a bit simpler from now on.

As for myself, I've been a member of Furtopia since Nov. 2003.  :o Wow. Long time, eh? And been a staff member and helped Furtopia since Oct. 2006. Most of my interests and hobbies are the following:
(Copied from my LJ)
aircraft, alaskan malamutes, ancient civilisations, ancient history, archaeology, area 51, battleships, beef jerky, benny hill, book stores, card games, cheese, chocolate, colby cheese, conspiracy theories, dale brown, doctor who, fantasy, food, furry, furry fandom, fursuiting, fursuits, green tea, gundam, indiana jones, james bond, japanese anime, macross, mascots, mexican food, military aviation, model kits, mountain dew, navy ships, pepsi, pizza, red dwarf, robotech, science fiction, shredded cheese, siberian huskies, star trek, star wars, stealth aircraft, the great luke ski, tom clancy, weird al yankovic, white lions, white tigers, wild knights gulkeeva, wine coolers, wolf's rain, wolves, world war two, xfiles,

Anything else you want to know about me, then just ask. :)

Kay Alett:
 :( Awww, no more green  husky thread?  :'(


--- Quote ---Awww, no more green  husky thread?
--- End quote ---

Like I said before, anything you want to know, then just ask. ;) And Yes, I'll still keep posting in green colored text. :)

Actually, this whole thread could use more green.

*spray paints Kaloyan green color*  :D

Kay Alett:
I thought you got rid of the old thread to minimise RPing. Now here you are doing it all over again...

Silly Husky.

Actually I think Kobuk looks cuter pink *Sprays him pink* ^_^


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