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Richard Smith:
The topic says it all.
Now I shall delve a little more into who I am, or who I pretend to be (but online, who can tell the difference?). Or, in the words of a very large Ghost of Christmas Present from a certain muppet movie "Come in! And know me better man!"

First of all, Roleplaying is my life.
Second of all... and this one is kinda long... furry...erm...-ism, I suppose, is a lot more complex than it first appears. I learned this the hard way. At first I was wild and carefree, puttering around on random MUCKs and thinking I was a fur. But then I discovered that I really didn't know much about the actual culture. I went out on open-ended Google searches hoping to get some kind of hold on this unique society... but in vain. I mean, seriously, have you ever tried typing 'Furry' into a search engine and actually finding anything really useful? I didn't even know what I was looking for. Then, as my delving into the furry way went deeper, I found the true reason for my search. What I needed was a home. Sort of... See, I'm about the only guy in my entire city who knows that 'furry' is more than just an adjective. Indeed, I am often ridiculed for my odd online ways. So what I hunted for was somewhere to belong. Somewhere where I could share my rather unique views without fear of reprisal. I became a sort of wanderer, never really finding a place to settle down, and not nearly talented enough to try and attract my own crowd. So, in this depth of dispair, I was aided by Ben, who suggested this place to me. Have I found my niche, my community? Who knows, maybe. But, hey, here I am, this is me.
Thirdly, I am a fox.
The rest is mostly In-Character oriented, and since this seems to be an OOC-based 'board, I won't go into all that, but I will gladly explain my whole character (and any others) to you at length if you should so ask. IM me some time, I'm listed.

Welcome aboard, Richard!

You can settle in and unpack your bags and stay for a spell. No one judges any one here and you are welcome to enjoy all the posts and comment to them or ask for advice etc. as well.

Check out some of the topics, you may find them interesting. You can also start your own topics, like you did with this one. If you have any troubles I am sure Benjamin will be more than happy to show you how things are done or anyone else on board here.

So, unpack your bags, kick off your shoes, sit down on a soft sofa or huge pillow, and just relax and enjoy yourself! I'm sure others will be joining you shortly.

OBTW, I am Kada-Ru. A very friendly Golden Pegasus and I am one of the staff members here and am joined at the hips with the Sysop, WhiteShepherd who can also help you find your way around these neck of the woods.

Don't forget to check out the other fun things here at Furtopia besides the forums. There is the Artist pages, Stories/Poetry and Music sections as well.

You will find all sorts of things on Furtopia's main page to check out. When you have seen and pondered all things around Furtopia, then just come on back in here and settle back down for some relaxing chit-chat!

Quote (Kada-Ru @ Mar. 18 2003, 12:28 am)...and am joined at the hips with the Sysop, WhiteShepherd...
That's a subtle way of saying that they are mates, of course.
Welcome to the forums, Richard. I'm glad that you signed up here, and I hope you feel comfortable in these surroundings. There's a lot of good furs here, and the community just keeps growing as more and more of life's wanderers like yourself find their way here.
BBSs such as this one are perhaps a bit more conducive to building a community feel than the MUCKs are, since the discussions here are all open for anyone to join in on. I find boards like this to be nice and convenient, since I can sit back and take my time as I write responses to people. The communications hold a very different and unique dynamic compared to MUCKs, IRC, and IMs and it's quite good in it's own way. You can touch a lot more people here in a day than you can easily contact on a MUCK... with a considerable bit less effort to boot. Nothing against those MUCKs and such, since they're great for RP and small-scale chat, but... the world seems a bit more broad on a board like this.
Stick around, feel free to chat with folks, and if you've got something new that you'd like to bring up to discuss, you're welcome to start a new thread.
Feel free to drop by anytime.

hiya, Welcome to Furtopia I am BabyTiger, Yer friendly Neighbourhood tiger on the forum pleased to meet you.

Hiya Richard! I'm Sumarra, an artist, a panther, and one who is starting to feel like a resident here, hehe. Welcome to the community.

Glad to see a fellow RolePlayer in the group.  


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