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hey everybody im completley new and intrested in learning alot morei would appreciate if somebody would tell me anything that i need to know about furry thanks in advance!

Welcome to our forums grasper.  Feel free to look around and talk to other users and I hope you have a good time.

For your question on Furry here is my take. WhiteShepherds opinion: Mmm.. best way to describe Furry is to break it down into two groups. People and Art. People who are furry generally have a liking to things related to animals (mythical or otherwise). If you know someone who loves wolves or dragons and has pictures all over their walls, that person would be considered "furry" (generic term). "Furry" artwork is related to artwork that is drawings of animals or animal "anthromorphs" (an artwork cross between human and animal). Most furry fans enjoy "anthromorphs" because it appeals to the fantasy or desire of being/seeing a morph. Know anyone who liked werewolves and thought it would be really cool to turn into one? The appeal concept here is the same.

There has been some good and bad press on furry in the media and web. There is some mis-information in the news and on the web about furry. Some report furry as a "sex fetish". Generally the reporter takes little research on what furry is or a cross member who wants to evoke a reaction from people/furs he or she is trying to hurt.

Most of the furry community embraces and holds in a high esteem, artwork. With this standard of art there is generally no bias against the artist for what he or she may draw (odd, gay, straight, or (what society considers) normal or not). Generally some artists will draw fantasies which include sexual depictions. Other artists choose to draw no adult material at all. The media often sees an open unbiased art collection and often finds a easy target to sensationalize.

Out of the many many furry members some do enjoy "living" their fantasy as a furry. But others do not and just enjoy the art. There is no wrong or right to either side. These two groups are just "personal opinions" on a way they wish to live. Furry art is related to animals. A "furry person" has in some way a desire, connection, or enjoyment of animal related/morphs or fantasy creatures/animals. The rest is the individuality that makes us all unique.

Hope this helps explain some of what "furry" can be.

wow that is alot more than i expected thanks alot. im also intrested in finding  furry irc channel (as im a frquent ircer) andany oher places where it will be easy to connect to like minded people thanks again

Welcome to the Furtopia forums, grasper.  Regarding your interest in Furry IRC, there was a thread here about it a while ago (here)  It's also worth looking on the channel lists of the networks you frequent.  For example, I know EsperNet has a fur channel called #furry_realm.  Though I don't like to use IRC myself, it doesn't stop me from knowing about it ]B=8)

WhiteShepherd seems to have said a lot on the topic of what he feels is furry.  I think everyone could say a lot about it, too, but I'd suggest instead of directly asking people about it, take the time to find out for yourself.  Read through the old topics on here, read other furry sites and forums.  You seem to like IRC, so go onto some furry channels, and just get a feel for what it's like.  I heard a quote once that said if you ask ten furs what is furry, you'll get eleven different answers.  I think that speaks for itself, really.

Though if you do have any specific questions on anything, then that would be more reasonable to ask, as you'd get a pretty straight-forward answer from it.  Anyhow, I wish you luck in your quest to find the meaning of furry.  Let's hope for many Python-esque jollities to happen along the way.

Heya, grasper. Welcome to the forums.
As for what furry is all about, well... as DDR said, there's a lot to the fandom.
The basic definition of furry is "a fandom based upon an interest in anthropomorphised animals". Pretty much anything else beyond that, such as the art, fursuiting, conventions, spirituality and so on, is all extra stuff that people have imported into the fandom from the other aspects of their respective lives. Art is a big factor in the fandom, but it's not necessarily a defining factor, since you don't need to be an artist nor an art-lover in order to be a furry fan. Many folks put more importance upon things like role-playing, spirituality, and so forth.
Anyways... Also as DDR had said, you're perhaps best off to figure out what furry is for yourself through your own investigations, research, and experience with the fandom. Everyone has their own take on what furry is all about, really.
Enjoy the board.


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