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*waves a paw*

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Well, that is. I just want to say hello to all.

Heh, cya!  

Well, there's not much I can say apart from hello, and welcome to the Furtopia forums.  Care to tell us anything about yourself?  It'd help the conversation immensely.

Ello Keshiji!

*tries pronouncing the name, but only succedes in making shooshing noices*

Welcome to the Furtopia Forums. Another person, means another view point, another view point means an educational outlook. Well thats if your into the educatinal stuff, *chuckles*

Anyways, I'm Jadnar Daj, Local Sci-fi Horsey. I'm part of the staff, General website Desgin advisor, but more so as a Representive of the Staff, *doesn't know alot about HTLM, just what looks nice*

Again, Welcome aboard. Feel free to be open, we have plenty of respectful furs on here, and they'll listen to what you say. Its a Community, not a gaggle ^_^

Heya, Keshiji.
Welcome to the forums.
Chilean, eh? Neat. I hardly know of anyfur from that country, but I think I've seen one or two in passing.
Welcome aboard.

Thanks to all for this greeting. ^_^

Well, first of all, i need to say that i'm not good with english. I'm still learning it, so you may see some grammar problems when i write or something.  

Well, I'm Keshiji, a white lion from South America (Chile) and I like drawing (but i'm not good ) and making webpages.

I also like OnlineGames like Counter Strike, Warcraft 3, Unreal Tournament, etc. Maybe if anyone here play any of this games we could have a match. Heh.

I don't know anything else to say, so I think this is ok for now... no?  

Heh, greetings to all and good bye!


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