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The last thing you bought.

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My witch costume or at least the parts for it.

cause the rat:
Bought a few more paints. it's a case of "You can't get there from here" when it comes to pigments. There's no true of any color. It's either 'warm' or 'cool'. Be a long explanation. Anyway when I reviewed my order there's an extra tube of paint included. My first thought was "I did not order that". Then I realized for the first time ever they actually sent me an advertised promo deal. Early Christmas present!  Also bought stuff to make 6 or more different kinds of cookies, a cake, most of the stuff for the lasagna and one side dish for Christmas.

Jade Sinapu:
Tektronix 3S2 with qty (2) S-4 sample heads,
Tekltronix 3T2 random sample time base,

Tektronix 3S7 TDR Sampler and associated cables and accessories,
Tektronix 3T7 TDR pulser

all for low low price of ... $500 with shipping (less tax).

These things are currently at about $300 EACH!  So although I paid a bit, it is < 50% of current value, and they work!!

I am such a nerd  8)

Fortiflora for the dogs.

cause the rat:
More stuff to make more cookies.


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