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Hello, Furtopians!  I am Landrav, the fluffy foxtaur!  I have been promoted to Watcher by the forum staff, and I welcome this chance to do a service for a community that has been good to me as well.

On the off chance you are not familiar with "taurs," we are similar to the shape of a centaur from ancient myths.  However, most taurs in the fandom take inspiration from animals other than equines, and the upper torso is more like an anthro version of that animal than a human.  In my case, I take features of the red fox.  I should also clarify that my particular brand of foxtaur is not meant to be taken from any particular fictional universe.  I was simply inspired by the form and decided to run with it and maybe fill in some details of my own.

When I have to take a break from giving taurhugs and curling up in front of the fireplace in IRC, I'm a 25-year-old guy from Minnesota with just enough computer skill to make trouble for my fellow programmers at the office.  I also love storytelling, a craving I fill with roleplaying and gaming, writing, and reading whatever science fiction I can get my grubby little paws on.

That's all I've got in the way of introductions.  Now there are two last things to get out of the way...

First, here is your official primer on taurhugs.

1. Hug the victi... subject with arms.
2. Lift the subject into the air.
3. Sit back on haunches, wrap forelegs around the subject, and hug tightly!

And finally, now that I have got you all where I want you...

* Landrav dramatically pulls a curtain off of the Transmogrifier Ray Machine from IRC *

MWAHAHAHA!  You will all be turned into taurs!  :D

welcome to the fold ^.^

and taurs are awesome, even got my own taur form : 3

*changes to a taur*
: P
no need for the ray on me x3

*plops down on his taur stomach and sprawls out*

I had a suspspision you were heading in that direction so when you were off taur hugging i set your machine to lion taur.  I gotta keep my mane.  Anyway, crongrats on the promotion i think and lion taur hugs to ya.

and not a drop to drink... Oh wait...

Welcome aboard Land.

Thanks, guys :)  And Chris, no need to worry--it's a taur gun, not a foxtaur gun :P


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