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<AvanKaira> :0
<AvanKaira> :3
*AvanKaira fluffles you

So... seems we can make one of these now. Mostly on IRC (I mean, its where we're stationed!), but.. we float around on the forums too!

So, about us.. umm.. >.> hmm.. We'll figure out what to put here when something comes to us.

*fluffs up the Avans and plops a Dany on their heads*
I'm sure I'll be back to quiz you on whatever you put up :p

o.o Danysplats! The other best hat!

(Also apologies to anyone who might not know all these references to things on IRC (Loc is a half-op there) - but its a fun place; try dropping by some time!)

Natura Wolf:
Yay to the dawn of Fluffles :D

I can't even get into the Internet's Rexclusive Club. Rexclusive is a word I made up meaning "most exclusive."

Darn your Inside ReferenCes!


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