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Hello! My name's Lucas! My fursona is Drake!
I am a new member, but I had an account here almost a decade ago, so this is technically a return!

I have changed alot since then and don't wish to be associated with my old account, partly because I don't have the email for it and lost the password... So this is a new start!

I am a furry artist that dabbles with animation! I haven't visited any cons, but I do wish to commission a fursuit and visit one in the future! Here is a picture I drew of Drake!

Storm Fox:
Hello FluffyLucas. Welcome back to the friendly furry forums of Furtopia. :)

Varg the wanderer:
Hello (again), and welcome! It's always nice to see folks pop back in.  (:

Jade Sinapu:
 Hi,  nice drawing btw.
Good to see you.


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