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How to use an IRC client [For mac and PC users]


With the webclient currently down i thought now would be a good time to post a quick tutorial on how to connect to Furtopia IRC using a client.  I know there are both Mac and PC users so i chose Chatzilla, a client that both can use.  (linux users can use xchat  <3 and wont need this tutorial.   )

It should be noted that this tutorial is directed at absolute beginners who are either completely new to IRC,  or those who have never used anything other than the web-client usually located at  http://irc.furtopia.org   It is extremely basic

I'm also adding excessive screenshots for those who are better with pictures than text.

So ChatZilla is a Firefox addon,  which means you need to download and install Firefox.   Firefox can be downloaded here:


Please install it.


Start by going to the following URL:

Click,  "Add to Firefox,"  and then,  "Allow,"

A short timer will count down on the window that pops up.  After it hits zero,  click,  "Install now."

Now you need to Restart Firefox  Firefox will prompt you to restart. If you accidentally miss it,  just close all the Firefox windows.

Start Firefox.

Go to: tools > Chatzilla

Now you need to change some settings in Chatzilla so that it doesn't use your windows profile name as your IRC nickname. (which can be bad if you don't want to give out your personal information,  or if your on an administrator account and don't want to have people staring at you oddly because you joined as administrator.)

Click:   Chatzilla > Preferances > General

Now type whatever your fursona,  or IRC nickname is into the nickname field.  Scroll down.

You also need to add a lowercase  x  next to the +i in the user-mode field with no spaces.  It should read   +ix  This is important because it tells the server to display a host-mask rather than your IP address.  Depending on your internet service provider,  some IP addresses can be tracked back to the city you live in.  (thankfully mine can not)

You can also set a default quit message which will be displayed every time you leave the channel,  and a username,  which will be displayed when someone types /whois <your nickname>    and next to your host-mask in many clients.   Mine,  for example,  is,  "rawr".

Click,  "Okay," to close preferences,  You should be back at the main ChatZilla window.

Type:   /attach irc.furtopia.org:6007

/attach is a command telling the client to connect to an IRC server.

Note:  You must use a lower case a for the /attach command.  Several people have PMd me because they used an upper case A an they got an error message.

Irc.furtopia.org is the name of the server you are connecting to

6007 is the port that furtopia's ircd listens for.   Most IRC servers use port 6667,  Furtopia IRC however uses port 6007 in order to prevent spambots from joining; so you have to specify.

Now that you have connected to the server,  you need to join a channel.  To join furtopia's lobby channel,  #furtopia ,  you need to type:

/join #furtopia

Or to look at a list of all the visible channels on the server,  type:


You can do this at any time,  but if you're already in a channel you'll need to click onto the server tab to see the list.

Last step,  join #furtopia and set out some limes for Syi by typing:

/me sets out some limes.

Have fun.   :)

A short list of other IRC clients and download links:

ChatZilla Firefox Addon [Windows Mac Linux]:

IceChat (a free, VERY good Irc Client used by several of the IRC Admins and Operators) [Windows]:

Hydra IRC [Windows]:

mIRC (An IRC client with extensive addon support.   You have to pay for it after the trial expires) [Windows]:

xChat (My personal Favorite,  and the one i use.  Works on Windows and Linux although you have to pay for a windows license.  It has very extensive active Perl and active Python extension support [active perl and active python must be downloaded seperately] as well as supports for custom scripts.  If you have Linux,  use this client.) [Linux Windows]:

Pidgin (Is a program that integrates a very large number of IM clients into one.  It also supports IRC) [Windows Mac Linux]

Mobile Client


Limechat Mobile (Must be payed for,  but allows for connection to multiple networks and channels) [Iphone]

Rooms [Iphone]

[Windows Mobile]
Pocket IRC (Used to have to pay for this one,  but now that it's free there's practicaly no reason not to use this one) [Windows Mobile]

[Android] (I don't yet own an Android device,  so I'm going on reviews from the web.  These are the only clients i have listed that i have not personally used.)

AndChat (Reviews Claim this one is the best. Supports Multiple Channels, highlighting,  and notifications) [Android]


If anyone has any IRC clients they want me to add have at it.  My experience with Android and Mac is very little.

Trillian [Windows Mac Web]:

Dude, thank you so much for this guide.  I think it'll help a lot of people figure this out.  Also, I always had a hard time finding the correct port number, so information in this guide is really helpful, as well :)




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