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How can I insert HTML or JAVA?


Jade Sinapu:
I generated a nice wordsearch using a tool, and it generates HTML.
I wanted to insert that HTML into this site so people could view the wordsearch.
It also exports JAVA code that is interactive

HTML and Java is disabled in forum posts.

Jade Sinapu:
Thanks Loc.  I probably read that somewhere, but forgot.  Sorry if it was posted somewhere.

I have not tried the sites ability to host stuff. Would it host only pics and text?  Or could it host HTML/Java?
I now suspect letting code in , is a security thing.

I guess I could host the HTML/Java and have a link pasted into Furtopia.  I just need a static IP or a dynamic IP service.

I don't know anything about the hosting side of the site I'm afraid. That would be a question to post to WS in the thread I suppose?


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