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Should I stay or should I go now?

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Kay Alett:

--- Quote from: cause the rat on February 22, 2022, 04:58:42 pm ---Jade, your not blowing anything out of proportion. You've come to a real conclusion. People, no matter what their age, are childish.

--- End quote ---

As the 4th Doctor once said: "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."

And if you'll allow me one more quote: "To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." - C.S. Lewis

We need to act childish from time to time to keep ourselves grounded and remember that life isn't all about heavy responsibility and duty. Being childish helps us to continue seeing the joy that's to be had in living. You lose that joy and it's all over.

Jade Sinapu:
Both of you have some heavy words.
Much of what I am moaning about comes from my local Telegram chat.  I have not left it, but also am distant from it now.  I am seen by some as "not like them".  Heck even the admin who started the telegram chat group has been defamed and the claim he is not like them as well.  "HE" is not trans, not bi or gay, he is not far left, he is adult at times meaning calm and collected.  Apparently they see him as not like them, and now I am in that group.  And all because I do not laugh at all jokes, or post memes every day.  Or because I do not openly fight with my life for "their cause".  It is tiring.  Where is the fan fiction of robin hood or fan art of Zootopia?  Meaning my local chat group does nothing there but be the thing they hate.  Discriminatory.

I DO want to be childlike at times, to let go and be happy.  Thus why I am "here", or go to Denfur and dance for 6 hours.  But then like a switch, I transform into someone who's up at 5am goes to bed at 11pm, and takes care of a dog, does work that is technical, helps neighbors, helps family, and otherwise acts like an adult.  I have a heavy burden at times, things I do not talk about.  Things that the Ukraine/Russia situation is making worse. My job is ... impacted by it all.  Getting nervous.  I am not in the military so I will not be deployed of course.  I just hope our troops are safe.  I wish it would end.  Honestly, Putin could use some furry hugs right about now.  That guy is so ... cranky.  I wonder what his favorite animal is?  A big Mama Bear giving him a hug while he is crying his eyes out would be awesome!  Probably would help him.

I perhaps worry about what some people think and worry too much indeed. 

I know the decision is mine alone,  I choose to stay.  There is too much good in Furry to let some damage it for me.

cause the rat:
Jade, I belong to a facebook group for older furries. There are times we poke fun at all the drama in the fandom. Most on line fandoms are nothing more than ongoing dumpster fires of self importance. Your not alone. The very first furry forum I belonged to was occupied by hateful, out right mean and highly sexually orientated people. I eventually found better places. Really hope you do too.

STAY!  Good dog. :)  *gives you a treat*

Jade Sinapu:

Peanut butter filled pretzels! My favorite!

Yeah, this place is low drama.   :orraccoon:


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