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Why do people need an AR-15?

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Lots of news reports about AR-15's being used in mass shootings lately in America. And lots of talk (but not likely any action) in Congress about trying to get them banned. do you feel about AR-15's? Own one or not? Ban them or not?

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cause the rat:
What this country needs is better mental health support. Even free access. If most of these people got help with anger issues there would be far less gun violence. Anyone can talk about banning this or restricting that. No one is talking about the real issue. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. 

Jade Sinapu:
When a person is mad enough, or whatever it is, they may decide to reach for a thing that can inflict harm to themselves or others.
It could be a knife, sharp object, heavy thing, gun, or a car or chemical.  With intent to end their life to stop perceived suffering, or retaliate against those who made them feel that way.
Often those feeling are transitory, and just waiting can avert disaster.  Sometimes the feeling are persistent.
For those who have transitory issues, use the age-old trick of sending guns and such to family member for a few weeks.
For those who constantly want to hurt themselves and especially others, pro help and meds are in order.

It is true that mental health is an issue in USA, but also is elsewhere.  We have a gang-bully-agressive attitude here, which bothers me personally.  I feel America does not set in place a feeling and a system of caring, and thus many lose hope and feel abandoned.  If I lose my job, I am now homeless.  What now?  No one at all cares about a 40 year old white guy. No one.  So I know I am on my own, completely.  And to that end, would have to be forced to do things I do not want to do, like steal.  All this is said to point out how we are a cut-throat country at heart.  No one really cares about anyone.

There is stigma to mental health, and even if you get treatment, people are still acting on stigma.  Many sufferers know this, and do not seek treatment.  Employers would rather choose someone who they think has never had depression over someone who proudly has overcome it.
So if we have free mental health help, remove the stigma, and make it illegal to discriminate against them for it.  And enforce it.

But if we also put police at schools, is it school or is it a jail?
And what about when they age out of the schools, what then?  Who protects them then?
Shootings at churches, schools, hospitals, universities, grocery stores, concerts, nightclubs... hmm where does it end, where are you safe?

So it is natural to want to protect yourself from "them" by having equal weapon.  But have you killed before, are you truly ready?  Can you handle the burden of killing a human?  Will the law protect you in your time of self defense?  Can you prove that?  How much time will it take in court to prove you killed in self defense?  Will they hold your job for you all that time?  Will your family and neighbors think bad of you?
Will your life be worth living after killing the bad guy, even if it was justified?  What if you kill an innocent person in the process?  Have you heard the death rattle, and seen the shivering that often happens?  Can you stomach the smell of blood and will removing the carpet really remove the pain?  Good people will often want to protect themselves and family, understandable, but those same good people will die over and over inside from what they were forced to do.  But the criminals are not of that mind, they do not feel or care that way. 

The police have to think of this, and more.  They are trained, and have coordinated numbers on their side.  It is the job they took on.  Most people are not in that profession...

So when was the last time you saw a sword rampage, that killed 18 people at a school?  Or a grocery store where someone used a pitchfork?
There were a few incidents of poisons put into products to kill randomly.

When was the last time you heard of explosives being used to kill many?  Oh yeah that happened too, Oklahoma City Building.

So we banned access to certain poisons, and certain types and quantities of chemicals that could be used to make explosives.
Because they were used to inflict evil on innocent people in numbers.  Many places limit blade length because it can cause death quickly in larger numbers.  The supposed 3.5" limit.

If it were a war here, on our soil, we would need this type of person, the one who can make a bomb from fertilizer, or sneak poison into enemy food and water.  And people with powerful guns.
But there is supposed to be no war here, we are at peace.

So why not ban civilians from having an AR-15?  It was specifically designed to be used in war time to kill as many people as it can as fast as it can so the gunman can be force-multiplied, and damage enemy before the gunman get taken out.  If you want my hand gun, which was specifically designed for close quarters combat, I will surrender it to the police so they can use it.  I will gladly die for what I believe and I do not believe we need to put more power in the hands of people who have already proven time and time again they can not handle such power.

Troops, police, they are trained, supervised and held to a higher standard than the rest of us.  They are in harms way everyday as well.  They need the best.  They are generally honorable people who want to protect.
The people using the guns to kill kids, are none of that.  But that is not a mental health issue, it is lack of ethics and honor which is not illegal, just deplorable.

If we can't ban it, why not raise age limit?  Many people's brains are not really fully developed in terms of empathy and long term thinking for cause and effect until ... 25?
We have universities hazing kids with alcohol, and they get permanent brain damage from it and are a vegetable.  This shows the feeling of invincibility, lack of caring, and break down of cause and effect.
They did not care about fellow student, did not believe anything would happen, and thought it okay to impose themselves on others.  I also see this in Furry.  Kids having sex with literally as many as they can as often as they can, without regard to STD's. 
I know personally when I was around 25 I "wised up" and lost a lot of my desire to be mean etc, and could also handle others better without getting very upset. I matured.  So I do believe age is an issue.

Do we have a requirement for minimum age to be president? What is it and why?
If I could, I would say, wait till 25, buy what you want.  Also families, police your kids.

I am also for very strict and harsh and fast punishments for people who break laws. especially certain ones, or repeatedly.
We seem like a weak country , we do not enforce anything.

So we will talk, people here will fight me over what I said, and in the end, nobody will have the balls to stop the death.
Nothing will change.
I am glad I was born and when through school when I did.  I do not have to be in the firing line now.
I am also very glad I do not have any kids.  I don't want to watch them on TV blown to pieces by an AR-15, or  become a vegetable from alcohol poisoning in college.

I am not about removing 2nd amendment rights.  I want those who believe in it to police their own.
Put your money where your mouth is.  It is a huge responsibility.  If you want it to keep on and last, make sure it does, stop the bad apples now.
If that can't be done, things like bans will be thought of and discussed forever.

New article I just saw and read. And I kind of have to agree with it a bit. Maybe we should get rid of the 2nd Amendment.

Chewy, God of Rats:
Banning an AR-15 doesn't really change anything. Especially since AK47's, M1's and AAC's Blackouts, etc are much more accurate semi-automatic rifles. Makes me wonder if you're one of those people who thinks AR stands for Assault Rifle and not ArmaLite Rifle?
Either way, Guns Dont Kill People, People Kill People. I completely agree with Cause the mass shooting issues seem more like a mental health problem then a gun problem.

Also, in a follow up you said maybe we should repeal the 2nd Amendment. Why do you feel that way?


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