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Can't get into IRC from work

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Anyone know a way I could get around this?

I work for a bunch of cyber-nazis so I can't install any software on the computer here -- is there some web thingy I could use to forward the port or something???


IRC port is not 6007
its 6667 :P
you can use a range betwen 6660 to 6669 in most big networks, not sure about other irc networks..
even some uses 7000 port..
so I suggest you try them all.

Sorry, I wasn't clear....  I was using the web-based client which does seem to use port 6007 (but I could be wrong).

I keep trying different ports through telnet to freenode.net but it keeps saying connect failed >

Oh, well -- I'll keep playing with it -- maybe I'll figure out a way.  That or get fired....

I dont know,but just an idea...maybe it means the port on your router,you know,like the ports you have to unlock for emule to work on a computer with connection by router.Does the computer use a router or not? Just trying to help

If you are trying to access from work then most likely they have shut down most of the ports.  I'll look into opening up a new port and see if that helps.  Just make sure you don't do anything that would get you in trouble at work!



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