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Are you in the furry closet?

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I gace my dad a printout from the anthrocon site... stiff southern raised baptist who believes if somethings not the same as he thinks it should be.. then its all wrong....

--- Quote ---If it aint a cult of some kind then it dont sound to bad.
--- End quote ---

Also helps to have a wellspoken whiteshepherd and his lady love pegasus walk thro the door to prove furs are good people.

I fail to see how my personal life is the business of others. If I'm asked, I admit it. Sometimes I advertise it, but I'm not going to march in any parade, or e-mail all of my friends about it.

At this point, people just assume I’m crazy and don’t really ask much when I do something different, if they happen to guess what I am good for them, if not… well they’ll probably find out eventually

I wonder if the good responses out way the bad. Are close friends more likely to accept you for you because you’re friends? Or will their problems with it (if they have any) be greater than the friendship

Heh, interesting that you bring this up. I guess you could say that "in the closet" in a way, but my situation is a bit different than that of most. You see, I have a very close friend - one that I'm actually quite in love with - who is a furry and has been "out" to us for years now. Now, my circle of friends are all huge nerds, so this isn't anything new to them. But it's sort of his "role" in the group to be the furry. My role is to be the gay guy.  

As I hung out with this certain individual more and more, I realized that I was a furry as well. I'm out to him, but nobody else, mainly because I don't think they'll receive it too well. They all know how head over heels I am for him - they would probably think I was just copying him for the sake of it. I mean, it seems like kind of an odd situation - they're my friends for God's sake, they should be pretty accepting of this! - and who knows, maybe they will. But for the time being, I'm pretty uncomfortable with it.


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