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Yay! I got a PS3 for my Birthday ^_^

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O.o Lucky! Sorry, I don't have one... Did you get the really expenive one, or the one that's a little cheaper but has less features?

~~Banjo Bear~~

Tseng Fox:
Its a sweet machine.

I've spent nearly all day playing Resistance:  Fall of Man.  

Love that game.

Anyfur else got a PS3?  if so, whats your opinon on it?


Im tempted to get one enventually, because my favorite series (Resident Evil), seems to be moving to the more expensive consoles, while I have a Wii.


Wii60 for me. I dig Halo and GeOW, and Mario etc.

Can't stand PS3s.....

Tseng Fox:
Yeah Metamo.  Gears is good.  I have the xbox360.  Its pretty sweet too.  I love the games for it.  I'm dying for Halo3

Planning on getting the Wii next.

I got the cheaper one.  Its only to play the next final fantasy's and Silent Hill's.


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