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how did you find the furry fandom

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I am still a kid and I enjoy anthro-cartoons. When I was about 11 I got this app called IFunny and I found a furry and we talked. And he said that furries are a fandom and I was like  :o How do I become one?

I had been going through an extra rough time. One day the word furry popped into my head and I knew I needed to look on YouTube. I watched a video by Majira Strawberry, and I instantly knew I belonged. I believe it was God that made it pop into my mind.

Literate Lycan:
Several factors converged which led me to the fandom late in life.

A long interest in wolves and foxes is probably the most significant factor. I had wolf-themed t-shirts and art, books on werewolves, and had tried to write werewolf stories. Last year I realized I was a furry and probably had been one for years and just never recognized it. I'd found a few links to the fandom before, mostly about fursuits and fursuit makers. I started lurking around fandom sites, including Furtopia, and eventually joined online. Early this year I became active in the local fur group and am now firmly a part of the fandom and fursuit owner. In less than a year I've gone from "well, maybe I'm a furry" to a fursuiter with multiple fur meets on the calendar..

I had had a love for anthro characters and animals in general. However only recently has it become a large interest, thanks to this fandom.

I first heard of the fandom online, though when I asked what it was I got a surprising answer. Not a good answer either, making fun of how weird they are or something. Honestly after that I didn't think of it much, thinking it was just a weird and creepy part of the internet.

Recently due to me being into the MLP fandom I found out more about furries, as they were related. They actually didn't seem that bad, and I really loved the art and fandom for the most part. I joined it not too long ago, but I always loved foxes and other canids, dragons, reptiles, etc., and also "furry" kind too.

Foxes are definitely my favorite, but I love the other kinds too, as I just previously listed. Honestly I kind of thought it was weird in some cases to like "furry" characters before I knew about the community of it. I learned that it is a fun, cute, and generally positive community, even if there are a few of "those people.

Light Blackwood:
I was looking for some Jhon talbain, jedah pics from my favorite fighting game and then I saw some pics about were-wolves and furry realistic wolves. Then after searching more of that kind of pics I found some blogs and pages with the word "Furry", I decided to investigate and I found the fandom, it got my attention and after a couple of weeks navigating the web, I decided to join because I love the simple concept of anthro animals heh and always have like beasts/monsters, mythical and related stuff.


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