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Richard Smith:
My friend has this annoying habit of jumping to conclusions. His favorite words are 'You're obsessed with <add thing here>'. For instance, he keeps prodding fun at me cuz' I like furries. Like, I'll be playing Dark Cloud, and remark on how cool it is, and he'll say I only like it because it has a cute cat-girl in it. Honestly. Of course, this isn't entirely wrong, I am attracted to games that have cute anthropomorphs in 'em, which brings up my next point.
The gaming companies may take a while to take a hint. I think it'll be a while before Square or any of them decide to increase the furry:human ratio in their games, but I've come up with an alternative.
I'm assuming you all know what emulators are, but for those of you who don't: they're pretty much things that allow you to play old console games (SNES, NES, Genesis, etc.) on your computer. Now then, how cool would it be if some enterprising fur was to edit the game files of some of the old console games (people already do it to make bizzare copies of Mario and others) so that they were furry! Yes! Imagine playing through FF3 with a cast of foxes, wolves, and other such lovable creatures! Would that -I- had the knowledge to pull it off, but I don't. But, hey, who knows? Here's hoping somefur takes hold of the idea.

That would be interesting, yeah. There are a number of anthro and animal characters in console games, at least... like Star Fox, Monkey Ball, and such. A lot of games have anthros as secondary characters, though... at least from what little I've seen. I'm not much into the gaming stuff, but it is fun to dabble in on occasion.

Bear Paw:
Now that isn't a bad Idea might look in to that. But your right however squaresoft do put in alot of furry character's such as in FFIX however they have a tendacy too kill em off as in the Burmecian and Cleryan people two whole city's full of antro rat people ( who are the best characters square has ever created) wiped out obliterated in the worst way. Most likely because they where anthro and not poeple they rhought  it ok to do that grrr . The same happens in FFX. It seems in most games furry characters get a rough ride. Therefor im starting the F.A.C.F.C
(furry's against cruilty to Furry Characters) No more furry bashing in the computer world or any other for that matter.
( ok im still not feelin right after getting my head whacked so agin I appologise for odd post's like this      )

There are several Japaneese game makers who have hit on the Anthro idea.  Many are only available in Japan (they like their Anthro's with sex apeal which is a no-no in the American market).  However there still are plenty for the USA.  Suikoden 3 for PS2 is like mega furries, and dragons all over the place RPG!  I think they are catching on as they ween mainstream USA.

Speaking of furry RPG's, i'm in the middle of making one. Though i'm not sure if it will ever be fully created at all. Mostly because i'm using rpg maker 2000, and takes a very long time to make a good game that lasts 5-6 hours of gameplay or so. Anyway, the RPG is named "Rival Fur" and the plot is kinda dull at the moment. If anyone can offer help in the making of the game, it would be of great help. Thx ahead of time.


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