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I'm sorta scared...

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Quote (Zero @ May 02 2003, 7:03 am)I've never heard of Ausberger's before, unless you meant Asperger's syndrome, which is closely linked Autism.
Ack, I guess I misspelled it  

In any case, thanks guys.  Recently, I found an odd thing: almost everyone who was born into my mother's side of the family has depression, and I take more after her than m'dad, so that's probably it...

@Benjamin: Thanks for talking to me on AIM; it helped.  
@Ecco:  I'll be sure to soon!  ^^;
@Kada-Ru: Well, I've recently started exercising more (Read: Playing DDR), and practicing m'drawing and writing, so I've got something to do.  Thanks for ye advice!
@Jadnar: As you can see from above, I have been attempting to do so.  Also, thanks for talking to me on AIM as well ^^;
@WhiteShepherd: Hmm... that's something I've never heard before.  I'll try it...
@Firestrom Six: As is shown above, it most likely is genetic; probably a chemical imbalance... but then again, who knows?
@Drakonian: Don't worry, I'm not being forced into this or anything; it's m'own choice... I have another appointment on May 6th, and so far I haven't had a problem with her.  Yet again, thanks for talking to me on AIM; it may sound trite by now, but it really helped, and I mean it.
@Zero: The psychologist said she'd have to get a second opinion about the Asperger's; I'm not even sure exactly what it is *Will look for information later XD*  
@Ecco X2: Don't worry, I'm trying.  ^^;

Bear Paw:
I won't say I know what your going through because Im not you obvious right, and I can't speek as a profesional doctor or anything right. All I will say Is the advise given of talk to people is the best there is. Depression can take allot to get over but the more you shut youresefl off the harder it becomes to open up to others . It can seem the world does not care and after a bit your emotiones just feel shut off at the sorce you can still do everything as normal but the emotion behind the actions just isn,t there. This is what can fool people they think that everything is ok so when it all get's too much and you pop they wonder why. Just let others know and things will gradualy get better. Also try and find a distraction this may sound silly but find something too do learn another languadge go hikeing, paint write just something that you can control and that distracts you from the rest of the world then when things seem to be getting bad just go and do it. You can then try and let the rest of the world melt away again it's not easy But at least YOU control it this help honest. I can't offer quick solutions all I can offer is a open ear if you need it you can e-mail me or AIM or whatever we're all here and can help. There is nothing worse than being where you are now but if you look around youll see that there are many people willing to help you and who do care about you so don't feel alone your not and there are many that im sure you have helped and that see your worth even if you do not see it yourself.
one little peice of advise I can offer is try and find a prpoper copy of the poem Desiderata by Max Ehrmann a good poem with some good advise. the best being

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
Good luck and all the best well be here as alway's ready to help


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