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Closing of web hosting.

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*Flails about happily*

YAY! I got a hosting control panel web interface set up! :3

It will probably be two weeks before I can begin taking people on in a case-by-case 'you are a test subject & this is not yet officially affiliated with ' sort of manner.
I'm moving my own stuff over momentarily.

Dude, glad to hear the progress! I'll be excited to see what happens next :)

Well, I'm my first test subject!
I'm setting everything up so that I can move my own websites to it over the next couple days

Ok, well minor time-related setback: turns out I have to reinstall, and downloading the ISO took forever :P but anyways, no problem, will reinstall tomorrow, installing the control panel is fast, and then setting up the dyndns -> my ns hackiness should not take too long (can't get a static IP, so this is the next best alternative for me). Then moving my stuff over which I got all backed up today.


--- Quote from: Avan on August 02, 2011, 01:04:57 am ---then setting up the dyndns -> my ns hackiness should not take too long (can't get a static IP, so this is the next best alternative for me).

--- End quote ---

Avan, I am curious to hear from you about how reliably using dyndns with a web server actually works.  One of the multiple reasons why I didn't try to go the route of running my own web server was because I couldn't get a static IP address from my ISP either, and I didn't want to risk my website's availability with something like that.

As a side note, a reliable electricity supply was an even larger concern to me, since my surrounding area suffered no less than a half-a-dozen storm-related major power outages last month alone, and my circuit breaker box trips occasionally on top of that.  Until I can afford a UPS that can provide the kind of emergency power that I need to safely shut all of my systems down (which is a tall order since I have a lot of computers and servers that I regularly use that really could use the protection), trying to run something 24/7/365 out of my house is out of the question.  There is just too much of a risk that the server would go down hard and risk damage the file system and/or hardware.  Over the past few years I have already lost a router, a wireless access point, and most tragically an SGI Indy workstation due to lightning storms (despite all of those pieces of equipment being on decent surge-protectors at the time), so I don't want to ever risk losing an expensive server too!


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