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The Confederate flag/symbol.

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In the last several days, I've seen many news reports about how people want the Confederate flag/symbol removed from flag poles as well as other places and things (including dinner plates). This whole issue seems to have started right after those black people were gunned down in that Charleston church days ago.
As for me, I say Yes. Remove the Confederate flag/symbol. The Civil War is long since over. We don't need that symbol igniting any more racial tensions, hate, etc., etc.

Oh, and it gets worse. I just saw this on a modeling forum.  :o

I say yes remove it, like you said the civil war has been over for a LONG time. Plus it is a negative symbol.

Remember how I said it gets worse? Now you can't even buy a model of the General Lee car from the Dukes of Hazzard. Warner Bros. has asked toy/model maker Round 2 to stop producing/selling any more merchandise with the Confederate symbol on it. Good thing I was able to get on Amazon quick and order a General Lee before they were all gone. I only hope my order doesn't get cancelled later on by Amazon or the seller.
And I read another news report that the Gov't has asked the National Park Service to stop selling any merchandise in gift shops with the Confederate symbol on it. This even includes small stuff like pins and belt buckles.  :o

If it's a negative symbol, I say get rid of it, most see it as a symbol of racism and if it offends people, get rid of it. Who cares! It might be sad you can't buy things with it on it, but you can buy other things that are still great too. I don't care about confedercy it's been long gone, what I do hate is what it stands for. So there is still plenty of things you can buy.

Synaptic Road:
If it were a symbol "with no meaning," then I'd honestly say "whatever, it's just a symbol."  Of course, that's not the case here - the Civil War is something we should have learned from, but my guess is that part of the reason it wasn't removed long ago was "Southern pride."  ...Which I'm still seeing on the Internet, though thankfully it's mostly "redneck pride" and not related to the Civil War, slavery, or African-Americans.

I agree: it should be removed - after all, it has a negative connotation, but in the end, it's just a symbol.  It's not like you're taking down an important monument or prehistoric ruin or anything.  d:


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