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What is the Universal Definition of: Video Game/Gaming (all opinions welcome)

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Natura Wolf:
Hey there,

Me and my fiancee were debating over what constitutes a video game.

Reason being is that they are also known as Electronic Sports and personally I don't think a video game is the same as a sport, but sport can also be called a game and games generally incorporate rules, but not all video games incorporate rules.

You could say story but then isn't that more an interactive story?

So expect much devils advocating and analysis.

So to start off, what do you define as a video game/gaming.

I don't mind this topic wavering as its kind of a big and yet vague question

Go nuts,


Here's my view. If you just play with it, it's a toy. A toy with a goal is a puzzle. If you have to make non-trivial choices to solve the puzzle (ie, there's some form of interesting challenge), it's a game. If you play against other players in an organised competition, it's a sport. Almost any multiplayer game can be turned into a sport, and a few (eg, Q3A) are specifically designed for this purpose.

The presence of a story is largely irrelevant to the question of whether it's a game or sport, though clearly if a game contains not much else but story, it probably can't be called a game (some interactive fiction works are in this category).

Natura Wolf:
Ok, I said something similar where I said a video game is where you are able to make an impact on a story.

but then there is games such as to the moon (though personally i call them interactive stories) where the story if fixed and unchangable and there are no puzzles.


--- Quote from: Natura Wolf on August 21, 2015, 03:17:53 am ---Ok, I said something similar where I said a video game is where you are able to make an impact on a story.

--- End quote ---
What is the story of Tetris? Or Carmageddon? Not all games have a story, and not all forms of interactive narrative are games. The mainstream idea that any kind of interactive entertainment is a "video game" is not very sensible, in my view (and probably turns off people who think all video games are just mindless tests of reflexes, but that's another story).

Old Rabbit:
I might be too old and out of step to know, but it would seem if one wished to
create a video game it should present a challenge. Even a multiplayer game works
well with challenges. Even a game wth a story.

Games that work mainly with a story tend to be played once through and laid aside.
Ones that challenge are more likely to be played many times, and have a
greater popularity. 

And of course greater popularity adds up to more money for the creater.   :D


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