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The "Bad News" thread.

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nice mylo.

im too poor to do basically anything.

I spent $20 on a game
It took 18 hours to download
18 hours that I couldn't use the computer and i had to monitor it so it didn't explode or something
FINALLY it downloads....
But the file corrupts a few minutes later...
 and all of that work was for a permanently crashed game and a computer that completely sucks

still disappointed about youtube comment change......

I had to get a filling for my one of my teeth at the dentist today. I guess we had similarities today Kobuk


--- Quote from: GrayWolf448 on December 17, 2013, 03:06:11 am ---still mad about youtube comment change......

--- End quote ---

Dude, forget about YouTube, for Christ's sake and get over it!   :goldpissed:


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