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This board is to provide a place to share logic puzzles.

For the enjoyment of everyone, please do not give away the solutions to the puzzles.

What is a logic puzzle?
A “puzzle” could be described as a problem or enigma that tests the ingenuity of the solver.  A “logic puzzle” is such a puzzle that can be solved using logic and deduction alone.  Logic puzzles can take many forms, but for the purposes of this forum, they should adhere to these few simple guidelines:


  - The puzzle should be completely contained within a single message.  It should require no outside information, and everything the solver needs to solve the puzzle should be available within the first post of the thread.  No special software of any kind should be required to view or solve the puzzle (a simple web browser should sufficient.)

  - The puzzle poster is expected to know the solution to the posted puzzle, and is expected to post the solution within a reasonable amount of time after the puzzle is posted. (Within a week to a month.)

  - Solutions should to posted in a separate thread with an accompanying spoiler warning in the thread’s title.  It should be clear from the titles which solution goes with which puzzle.  Due to how the link is shown on the main page, the spoiler warning should be placed at the front of the main title. (This link only shows the title which is sometimes truncated, and it does not show the topic description.)

  - Neither the puzzle description nor the solution should not be unreasonably long (try to keep them each under a page or so.) And they should be written such that the general audience can understand it. (so no puzzles requiring advanced math degrees for example.)

  - Original puzzles are preferable, but are not required. (No copyrighted materials please)

If you wish to do something not covered be these rules, please message the Logic Puzzle forum Moderator.


  - Do not post the solution or hints of any kind within in the puzzle thread itself.

  - The one that posted the puzzle is expected to also make a corresponding solution thread with a spoiler warning. You may post your solutions or any discussion about the puzzle there. (of course you are free to discuss such things over PMs and such.)

  - If you wish to post a solution to a puzzle that you didn't post and a solution thread for it does not exist, please give the one who posted the puzzle plenty of time in which to post the solution him/herself ( like a month or so.) After such time you may create a thread for this purpose, but it must follow the guidelines for the puzzle poster.

So if we solve a puzzle, do we start a new thread (assuming there isn't one already) with our [proposed] solution in (and a spoiler warning), or do we wait for the question-setter to start one?

You could start a new thread for the answer, though if you do, it should follow the same guidelines as it would for the one who posted the puzzle. That is, your answer must have a spoiler warning, shouldn't be posted too soon after the puzzle, and it should be clear which puzzle your answering.... and so on.

Probably the better way, would be if you PMed the one who posted the puzzle. (if you can't stand to wait that is).

Oh yes, once a solution has been posted feel free to comment about it if you want. Like if you found an alternate solution or if the solution is still unclear. (or if you just want to say something about it.)

After giving this much consideration, I believe it is best if the one who posted the puzzle also post the solution. I know that I put a lot of effort into not only making my puzzles, but also in making sure that the solution is clear and easy to understand.

However, I do enjoy seeing how others solve my puzzles, so feel free to PM me (or whoever posted the puzzle) with your answer. Or if you prefer you can post a comment in the solution thread after it's posted.

I don't mind if others want to post the solution, but I would ask that you give the one who posted the puzzle plenty of time in which to post the solution him/herself. (thus if he/she takes longer than a month or so.)

Ah, ok, thanks for clearing that up

*goes off to try and devise some puzzles*


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