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[SPOILER] The Five Dimensional Puzzle

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This is the spoiler thread for The Five Dimensional Puzzle.

If you haven't already noticed, this puzzle is harder than the previous ones.  There are a few things I'll say right off the bat.

* There is exactly one solution to this puzzle that meets all of the (*edit* insert "modified" here, see the fifth post) outlined requirements.

* The solution is NOT a trick answer (i.e. "There was never an order because Ensign was a figment of John's imagination.", though creative, is not the correct answer).
* It is possible (though tricky) to come to the single correct solution using only the information provided in the puzzle, the right way of thinking, and plenty of scratch paper.
I'm currently considering supplying supplementary information about this puzzle as hints.  If I end up doing so, that information will end up here in this thread.

Other than that, have fun!

Okay, so I took a /huge/ crack at it in one hour and came up with (what I think is) 95% of the answer.

SPOLIER: Highlight below for CSV formatted attempt
Owner,Pet Name,Species,Tag Shape,Tag Color
Alice,Doug,Cat,Ellipse Hexagon,Yellow
Carson,Buddy,Frog, Ellipse Hexagon,Purple

I'm sure most of it's wrong... help! ;;


--- Quote from: silverfox on March 16, 2009, 03:26:46 am ---Okay, so I took a /huge/ crack at it in one hour and came up with (what I think is) 95% of the answer.
I'm sure most of it's wrong... help! ;;

--- End quote ---

There is a slight problem, as you can see...

Getting close is one thing, but getting the answer is a bit tricky.

Thanks for trying, though!  The more, the merrier!

Well, I just solved it...

Three hours of work, one hour of success; I present to you, the end-all of spoilers:

SPOILER!!!! Don't click unless you want the mystery unraveled!!!!

Go me!  :D

I got something slightly different, actually....

--- Code: ---

Alice - Cat - Doug - Ellipse - Yellow
Bob - Frog - Elite - Hexagon - Purple
Carson - Echidna - Ace - Triangle - Blue
Dude - Aardvark - Buddy - Square - Red
Ensign - Dog - Felsite - Bone - Green
Forrest - Bat - Cool - Rectangle - Orange
--- End code ---

I hit a snag right near the end, but by using hypothetical situations, I'd reasoned that Alice couldn't own a bat for some reason like the pet named Cool couldn't have a yellow elliptical tag. I'd tell you more, but I did my work in such a way that I can't reconstruct it. :P

I could be wrong, though. *shrug*


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