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how did you find the furry fandom

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the lone shadow wolf:
i found it a long time ago. it started when i went to an art store and ran into a bunch of of art books i found one that caught my eye yet never saw the title all i saw was humanoid animals (so to speak) i looked at it for a solid 20 minutes and was hooked on it yet never knew.

 a year later i found it again let wasent able to read fur long yet caught a glimpse of the tilte "how to draw furries," but still dident remember it :goldhowl:

two years later i was searching the subject on humanoid animals for two and a half hours till i ran into the word "furry" then looked at the meaning (in secret) for a week till i ran into the website furtopia. once i read all about it would have to say i agreed with the meaning and realized i seemed to have the charecteristics of a wolf yet can be shy at times

I played Neopets and made comics and stories for it.  I started shifting away from using their worlds and making my own, but my characters retained their anthro-animal appearance.  I learned about what 'furry' was through deviantArt and a couple years later decided to use the word for myself.

finding the fandom:
3 years ago when i was around 12 1/2 i saw a "1000 ways to die" episode. like most tv shows they made us look bad.... for a few months i thought furries were weird people then one day i brought it up near my brother and he said that that was not what furries were i then asked him what is a furry then and he said that i am too immature to know what a furry was..... that night i searched up furry and realized that i was one for my whole life (enjoyed anthros my whole life)

getting involved in the fandom:
 after finding out what furries really were for about 2 years i didn't do much till about 1 year ago i started listening to a few furry music videos and tried to draw furries. then about 9 months ago i met a fellow furtopian on youtube we talked he showed me this sight and i have been here for 9 months now. so pretty much i started at 12 and went till now as a furry. with in the past year a lot of things have changed in my life and being a furry played a big role because if i wasn't a furry i wouldn't be talking to any one. i don't feel comfortable telling any one irl anything i only feel comfortable talked with sciex and people here. *lists a bunch of more stuff that being a furry helped/changed*

there is more to what being a furry has done for me but don't want to get off topic with it ^^

Edit: just would like to add if i never found this fandom i would have never met sciex, and so far that has been the best thing to happen in my life <3 

I liked some anthro art before I knew what anthro art was (I only saw it because I looked at stuff one of my Deviant art friends Favorited). I also liked Werewolf art and Feral art (I did not know what feral art was either. I was also exposed to this only because of a friend). So before I knew what Furries or fursonas were I always liked the idea of a Werewolf that could control transformations (Because not being able to control them would suck). However, now I'd just rather be my Fursona.

About 1.5 years later on I knew a bit about furries but didn't actually research it or try to get into it (One of my friends actually though that Furries raped animals >.> He knows better now. At the time of this comment I thought that this is untrue and didn't really see how such artwork could be related to such things). I didn't know there was more than just the art side. One afternoon during the school holidays (About 4 months later) I was looking up some tutorials oh how to draw fur on youtube and it came up with the video "Furry tutorial - basics"

I though the tutorial looked pretty cool so I did it even though it wasn't originally what I was looking for. I then did some google searching to find out what Furries were and later came across a video on youtube that led me to this great community :) I saw a few Fursuit videos and though it was pretty cool.

Browsing though this forum I fount that there were "People like me" and decided to join.

I forget how or where, but I saw some of Dark Natasha's artwork online. Looked at her website, that lead me to Goldenwolf's artwork, and from there some of Beastcub's fursuits! I was hooked from there.


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