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Expressing furriness in public.

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I walk around with a Fox ear hat on most the time at my university and some other places.(about the only time I don't wear the hat is at work) I have gotten a wide range of reactions to it ranging from What in the world is that on your head?(I changed up this one a bit to be more family friendly) to people saying it looks cool and even some asking where they could get one. Although I don't wear it to see people react I simply wear it because I want to.(At some point I may even walk around with Fox ears and a fox tail but that requires me buying those first)

I wear my tails when walking the dogs sometimes and get no reactions at all.

Honey Bun:
I'm more likely to wear stuff at home than out and about, unless someone's doing it with me. :P

I'll draw furry art in public. All my art is sfw, so I don't see any problem with it.

Most of the time when I'm out, I'll just imagine that I'm my sona, and I'll kind of "cast" people as different anthro species as I go along. Makes me feel more involved as a furry, and no one ever has to know. XP

Literate Lycan:
I don't own ears or a tail and wouldn't wear them in public if I did.

However, I do have a collection of t-shirts with animal images--mostly wolves, but also eagles, foxes, ravens, and even a tribal-styled dragon. Anyone who knows me knows that I wear those shirts frequently and have for years. I alternate between animal-themed shirts and ordinary t-shirts from places and events I've been to. No one has ever connected my animal-image shirts with anything related to furry fandom, and I'm perfectly content to leave it that way.

Iara Warriorfeather:
Like Literate Lycan, I also have a collection of animal themed tee shirts--I used to have dolphin and horse tees; now I have dinosaur tees and one beautiful panther tee. My mate adores wolves and he has so many wolf tees.

I have a tiger hat that I wear when I am cold, but I don't wear it in public unless I'm going to a con.

I'd love to own a tail, ears and maybe a collar so when I go to a con I can feel properly dressed, as it were! But public I prefer to be more human than furry.  (:


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