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--- Quote from: TCD on March 13, 2010, 10:28:52 pm ---Very nice, RA. Though don't knock on the White Wolf, they've got some of the best and worst aspects of being a werewolf (and/or vampire), according to many different legends down, but in addition they throw their own special flavor into it.  Blame the players, not the game.

Listen to RA, vlad. He makes good points.

--- End quote ---

*chuckle* Yeah. I know White Wolf is very good...but a lot of their product and terminology has been taken to heart by some members of the therian community. So, in an odd way, I WAS blaming the players  ;)

I have to agree with RA on what they stated.  I've been a furry all my life, but for me it's a lifestyle, not a hobby.  I actually only heard of the 'fandom' in '07.  I grew up dreaming about wolves and in those dreams I was both feral, anthro and werewolf. I will have a fursuit soon, it's in production at the moment.  For me and my mates (I'm poly) furry is spiritual.

im one with my fursona. he is me and i am him. we are just separated b the layers of reality. but i am familiar that its all just a dream.

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