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Any metal furs here?


While this old fox can sit back and chill to the sounds of Chicago or REO Speedwagon his heart truly likes in the screaming guitar and hard core lyrics of hard rock and metal.

From Judas Priest and Pantera up through Disturbed and FFDP and everything in between.

So lets hear you my fellow metal furs!

Also any fur going to Rock Allegiance in Jersey this October?

Varg the wanderer:
I wish. I love metal. Disturbed, Metallica, and FFDP are fantastic bands.

I recently found a band called Sabaton. If you love metal and haven't checked them out you need to ASAP. Every song with the exception of two(?) are about some conflict in history. Most honor acts of valor, impressive displays of courage, dedication, and bravery in combat. Others honor those who stood up for what was right and died. And there are a few that honor the fallen in some of the world's worst tragedies.

They aren't loyal to any one country in doing this. They have songs honoring all forces that participated in the WWII European theater, the ancient Spartans, the last stand of the Samurai, the Scottish Revolution, and many, many other battles of history that I am learning about thanks to them. Expect weird looks when you find yourself chanting "Night Witches" in the grocery store.

The genre is great for music taking the place of battle epics that used to be sung by bards. I think a lot of the songs the band does do a good job as a tribute to these events in the past.

It's also interesting on how, while the vast majority of their lyrics are in english, they used a lot of different languages in their music; usually that of who they are singing about. The best part of all: I think the worst word I've heard is 'hell', and it is not used in vain.




And if life is really wearing at you, this one will put the fire back in a hurry:


A song about D-Day:


Enjoy. Don't injure your neck headbanging ;)

Never heard of them till now. An they are now on my spotify list. Their songs are really good and not just senseless dribble that alot of bands have become. Thanks for letting me know about them.

I grew up with Iron maden, Metallica, Disturbed and the like :)

I actually worked in a basement bar back in the UK about 14 years ago, the basement bar was the "Rock" bar so had lots of good music on the juke box.

Mister Initial Man:
I enjoy metal, but I don't play any of the standard metal instruments (I'm a sax player)


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