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I'm learning to scream like a death metal horror!


cause the rat:
OK, maybe not that extreme. But I am learning how to scream wile I sing. And it's easier than I thought. After learning how to start the technique it was really easy to pick it out from old songs that I listen to. Even heard it wile watching a Harry Potter movie over at my mom's yesterday. It's a technique that is actually very relaxing to the throat. Takes a lot of  practice to get it right. To be able to hit it when you need it. If not it sounds really bad. : ) It all starts with than gravelly moan anyone can do. Think of how you would say "I really don't want to get up" wile still in bed. Then learn to work that smoothly all the way up to your highest falsetto. It's been used in rock for decades now. And it's the same technique thrash and hard core metal singers use to sing.  A good example is Janis Joplin. She owned it. If you jump to 20:10 there's a great example of how this technique sounds. Her voice is not naturally gravelly. She hits the technique and lets it go like a pro.

It really adds some depth to what your singing. Now I just need to learn to stay in pitch.  Or just scream my way out of needing to.  :D

This is the vid that got me started,
Part two is just a commercial for their school.

Going to explore what i can find on line first. If I can't find what i'm looking for there's a book called 'The Zen Of Screaming".

The absolute one book I recommend to anyone wanting to learn REAL techniques for singing is "The Rock and Roll Singer's Survival Manual". Hands down the BEST book out there.

Don't plan on singing hard core. Just want to be able to add an aggression to the music I do.

I think the type of scream you want to do is the one I'm doing at 7:55 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-izLPzMQb04 (SoundBay)

Or...the screams I'm doing at both 1:02 and 1:28 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjTQ95nivVs (PitWailers)

I could probably help you by telling you what you are doing right/wrong,but you would have to upload a soundclip first,that,and I would have to remember to come back to check the thread at a later date...I don't have a lot of time lately and this is like only the 2nd time this year I've remember to come back to furtopia to check threads out. :-[

cause the rat:
Yep, those types of screams are really easy. It all starts with a relaxed through and making a creaky door sound.  then lots of practice so you don't sound like a creaky door.  :) Because i have a deep voice my highest falsetto is a D one octave above middle C. When I'm warmed up enough I can turn that into a scream. But it breaks up on me. I've worked through the natural break between my normal and falsetto years ago. And know all about proper breathing and vocal health.  Learning this not to spend the entire night 'screaming' into a mic. I'll be using this to enhance and add emotion to the music I do. Its taking a lot of practice to get the control I want. To be able to smoothly transition between a normal tone and the breakup of the scream technique. Trying to make it sound more natural. Like I'm actually starting to scream. All by using a technique that is really quite relaxing to do.

Awesome band Choky!


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