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Any good ways to start my own cheezy website (Non furry items)


Jade Sinapu:
I have been thinking of sharing some of my non-furry things with the world (God help us!).
I would ask if Furtopia can host it, but yet, I do not know if I want anyone connecting my furry self to my butt-ugly , even more boring, human self.
Specifically prospective employers and such!

So does anyone here know of a place where I can make a website with no costs and it be visible to people on the net?
I used to use Angelfire back back back in the before times, like when I was in High School.  But since then I have had no drive to do my own site, until now.
I do have a computer here that I did get to host my own site, but it needed a domain name service.
I looked into free DNS and such, and it sounded okay.  I thought I needed a router that did FreeDNS as well.

Anyone here have any technical details how one can start their self a basic ( i mean basic) web page  and have it hosted?
I might show, ham radio, rock and mineral collecting, equipment repair, vehicle repair, photography, life lessons learned, advice, etc...
(aka boring as sin junk.)

cause the rat:
The no cost thing is what's going to bite you. Free usually means your not going to get much. Blogger, facebook and youtube are all free. GoDaddy has a free plan. I'm sure there are others as well. You'll get both limited options and bandwidth. Depending on the free bandwidth offered your site could go down without warning.

Heh, reminds me of the time when I had a website hosted by furtopia (back in the days before USB portable storage was common).
I had some files on the site that I needed at work, so I opened up my site to get the files, and someone at the workplace was like..."Furtopia? Do I even wanna know?"
I just chuckled nervously and replied "Prolly not".

As for what you are wanting to do, what kind of things are you wanting to post?
There are lots of online platforms for sharing what you are into that are not directly related to furry (eg deviant art, soundcloud).


Jade Sinapu:
I guess I wanted a site that was not ...
Facebook, related to Google in anyway, related to Apple in any way, Not social media related. 
Essentially a do it yourself site.

I may not do it, I am just thinking right now.


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