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Recently, Furtopia has seen the declining quality of many of its role-play games,  and the staff feel that a large part of the problem has been due to game masters not knowing what rights and responsibilities they have in their threads.  We have mentioned it briefly in the role-play forum rules. However, due to a few recent events, the staff agree that it deserves more attention.

When you post a new thread in the Role-play forum for a game,  you are taking leadership and responsibility of that thread.  What goes on in that thread is your responsibility, and the forum staff will hold you to that.

When you post a new role-play thread,  Please:

* Review the Forum Rules and the Roleplay Forum Rules.
* Have a good idea where you want the story to go before you start it.  You don't have to post it openly,  but plan ahead and know what you expect to have happen.
* Create a list of Rules that the role-players should follow while playing in your game.
* Keep a good eye on what members post in your thread.  If someone breaks one of your rules, give them a warning and ask them to fix it.  If they continue to break your roleplay rules, or if they break a forum rule at all,  please report it to a Furtopia Staff person.  The staff will make sure that people follow the rules that you set (within reason),  but we have to know when they're broken.
* Don't be slack on your rules.  The game isn't fun for anyone once someone starts god-modding or creates characters that are too powerful.
* Resolve any conflicts or disputes that come up about the role-play.  Players should be able to make their case,  but you have the final say.
* Remember that while other members may get some say in the direction the story goes,  ultimately,  you are leading the thread and the story.

Here are some examples of role-play introduction posts:
The Fabled Realm of Altaria
The Necromancer   [Book 1]
Darwin's Soldiers (Reboot)

As a former heavy forum role-player,  I highly recommended that you read the following Help desk Posts:

* Not all characters were created equal: How to Avoid godmoding and get your characters approved.
* Combat Resolution in RPs and Why Godmodding is Bad
* How To RP: A Tutorial On The Fine Art Of RP’ing (General Role-play tips)

     A good Game Master will make or break a role-play thread.  It's the difference between a 4 page long thread that ends with people bickering over small details,  and a 60 page role-play thread that develops an advanced and detailed story-line where all the players know what's going on. (Yes,  we did have stories that went on that long back in the day.)  A little time and planning will go a very long way towards the success of your game.  Remember you have the authority to lead your role-play,  but don't be afraid to contact Furtopian staff if you ever need help.   :)

If you have any questions,  please feel free to ask them here!  The thread will stay unlocked.


I am going to add the following. It is not necessarily a rule, but rather simply advice.

--- Quote ---If the primary GM (Gamemaster) of an RP hands off their RP to a secondary "interim" person, then that secondary person must be responsible for maintaining the RP and rules as the original GM wished for their RP to be played. And once the original GM comes back, then the secondary person relinquishes control back to the original GM.
Even if a secondary person temporarily takes control of an RP for whatever reason, he/she is not to re-write the RP/rules/etc. and playing it however they choose without the original GM's permission.

If the primary GM fails for whatever reason to come back and/or maintain their RP thus leaving it permanently in the secondary person's hands, then that secondary person is now fully responsible for control of that RP and taking care of it per all Furtopian rules.
--- End quote ---

I'd also like to mention something about being too strict with the guidelines for your RP.

If you start ejecting people for really petty infractions like their post being one sentence too short of the minimum, you'll start getting a reputation as a rule tyrant.

An RP should be an equal exchange between the GM and the player; think of it as a collaborative story.

I am going to add in another piece of "advice" to this thread. It is for both Gamemasters and players. ;)

For the last few weeks, I have seen a "slight" increase in members making the following type comments in RP threads:

"Where is *******? I wish he'd get here and post!"

"Would somebody please hurry up and post!"

"Let's get this RP started already!"

.........etc., etc., etc.  :P

While I understand members would like an RP to keep flowing and continuing, you have to understand that people can't be on the forums/computer all the time 24/7/365. Real life has to come first. This includes, but is not limited to the following: school, job, college, friends, family, Computer problems, etc.

If a member and the character that person is playing isn't available for whatever reason, then all you can really do is wait for that person to get back and/or put the RP on hold/hiatus, or the Gamemaster may continue the RP "around" the absence of the member/character provided that the Gamemaster and the absent member can reach an agreement on how the member's character can be controlled during the member's absence.

Real life comes first, folks. Please don't "rush" members into playing the RP threads. ;)

It's been noticed by staff that members are bumping RP threads simply to get other members to notice them and/or making very brief "comment posts" such as simple periods, emoticons, symbols, etc.  These types of posts will be interpreted as spam and may be removed by staff.

--- Quote ---Please avoid making posts solely for the purpose of bumping an RP thread (posts like "Where is everybody?" "Can we continue?" etc...).  If you are that concerned with whether people forgot about your RP, PM them instead.  It would be very much appreciated. :)

See here: http://forums.furtopia.org/furry-role-playing/game-masters-read-before-starting-a-new-game!/msg897414/#msg897414
--- End quote ---

Examples of such posts are:

Posts 869 and 870

Posts 35 and 36

--- Quote from: Sledge on July 28, 2013, 11:39:39 pm ---(Aaand its still your post.  :P )

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: SkyFire on July 28, 2013, 11:27:40 pm ---(.,.)

--- End quote ---


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