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((since i cant folow the plot of rosalies any more i started a new one.. i need to stay active on here.. any way some come rp ))

.: it was a quiet evning at tolkis inn. the lady barkeep sat behind her bar cleaning cups while a few famers sat around getting drunk. other then that it was empty.. or so it seemd. in a dark off to the side table sat a cloked figur, huddled deep into his cowl, staring out with one crystal clear blue eye :.

Kris Fox:
A dusty travoler walks in dressed in hard leathers,  a sword hangs on his hip and a pack on his back.  He looks to be at least part Kitsune his two tails swaying behinde him.  He slides the pack off his back and glances at the figure in the corner for only long enough to make glancing eye contact.  He sets his pack next to the bar, sits and orders a pint of dark beer.

*a muscular, cloaked anthro strides into the room carrying a large crossbow. A quiver of bolts hung by his left side and  a leather pack hung by his right side. He approached the bar and, sitting close to the kitsune, orders a bowl of stew.*
Are you here for the meeting, too? *he muttered to the kitsune.*

*IN hops  an anthro kangaroo decked out in pilot gogles and cap, smoking a cigar he goes over to the bar and sits down still puffing away, he has a air force tatoo on his left arm.
then out of the quiet, "Whens the meeting gunna start! Im tired of all this waiting!"

*growls softly at the impatient pilot* Keep your voice down. We don't need any unwanted attention. The meeting will start when the hooded anthro at that table gives the signal. Have yourself a drink or something to eat.
*I recieve my clay bowl of stew and begin to eat with a wood-carved spoon*


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