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Sea bound souls (Pirate RP) (IC)

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Jacoby Quinn:
"Yes sir, I'll take the helm"  He was a shortish, but stout and wide otter "i won't disappoint you sir but ah...When will we see the captain? I don't seem to recall ever meeting him"

Jager smirked at the pronoun the otter used and shook his head. "the captain will meet you when ready... You should hope it's just to meet you."

Shift chuckles softly as he watches the odd heron delegate before nodding towards him respectfully as the otter takes the helm " shall we go then?"

"Aye..." Jager said, leading Shift to the door of the captain's quarters and knocking. "Captain, I've brought your new navigator, Herr Shift..."

Jack grumbled when he stood up. His back was stiff as stone and did not agree with him. He stretched and it popped and cracked several times, satisfying him greatly. He grabbed his hat off the floor and caught a whiff of his breath. "Never having that again," he mumbled to himself as he fastened his hat.

Once he was on the deck of the ship, he looked around for the gunner. After a few moments, he spotted him and made his way over.


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