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Shattered Earth (OOC)

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"Listen up Soldiers!" an average height, yet stout Husky barked this briefing at you. "As of 1600 hours we have received confirmed intel that the United Front Militia has managed to successfully intercept our shipment of The Fold Weapon pieces. Now I shouldn't have to tell you why it's imperative that we retrieve those weapon pieces and eliminate anyone who stands in the way. Captain Jorgun will be in control of this mission, he will finish out this briefing, Captain. 

"Thank you General Arttis. As some of you may know our Fold weapon is a massive nuclear powered weapon capable of physically folding gravity in on itself and firing that condensed gravity at a high rate of speed and upon impact causes the target to quite literally fold in and collapse on itself. Now obviously if they manage to assemble it, without a doubt their first target will be our home and if they fire it here at Earth guess what! No more planet, no more life, nothing would remain except massive chunks of what was Earth floating in space. Naturally failure is not an option, however I've got the best that the Core Federation Forces has to offer sitting in front of me. Now, go get your gear! We drop thirty minutes ago!"

How's it going all? Obviously this is a sci-fi military rp. It doesn't have a set year/time however space travel is possible there are robots about, however there are not cybernetic enhancements or anything of the sort.

Le Rules: 1. No goddmodding, just don't even try me on this one. 2. My word, or my AGM's word (should I assign one) is law, if we say you got hit by a piece of rubble guess what, you got hit by a piece of rubble. If we say your grenade killed three people, congratulations your grenade killed three people. 3. No autohitting, period, at all no auto-hitting even a tree who know's it might be a sentient life form. (The only time any sort of autohitting will be used is as a plot device or if something specific needs to happen. 4. Death for your character is a very real possibility, so are taxes, but we won't deal with that here. 5. No arguing in the IC, if you and another player have a dispute bring it to my attention and we shall address it privately. 6. Have fun, yes I am ordering you to have fun, anybody found in violation of this rule will be held for treason and put to death.

If you have any questions please pose them here or feel free to pm me. :)

Character skeleton.
Age: (18 or over)
Species: (No mythical creatures)
Appearance: (coloring, markings, etc.)
Other: (additional info such as a backstory etc, however no top of class cadet or rich oil baron family type backstories)

Class: *Classes will be added before the IC goes up so fret not*

Jacoby Quinn:
Age: 22 (birthday is dec 26th)(are we sticking with current date on this for start?)
Species: bunny
Height: 4' 9"
Weight: 77 lbs
Appearance: her fur is mistly a chocolate brown, tan-ish dust colored in the lighter places, and charcoal in the darkest places
Personality:remember sassy from blackwatch?
Other: (additional info such as a backstory etc, however no top of class cadet or rich oil baron family type backstories)

name: Gwyneth "Gwynn"
age: 26
gender: female
species: bearcat
height: 5'3"
weight: 115lbs
appearance: rust red fur with light green eyes with a small crescent shaoed scar under the left. black nose and paw pads.
other: is always chewing on mint leaves, and keeps a baggie of them on her.
class: Breacher

Sorry for the massive delay, my laptop died on me, and my phone's security won't let me access this site. However I have a new laptop and pretty much just need sledge to finish his card and we'll be golden!

me? not any more... what about the classes?


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