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Shattered Earth (IC)

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Gwynn sat down across from Varnym and ate quickly as well, albeit not quite as quickly, then pushed her tray aside and pulled out the pouch of mint leaves she kept. she took one leaf from it and sealed the bag back, beginning to chew on the fresh smelling plant as she picked her tray up and placed it in the dirty dishes.

Jorgun gladly took his time with his food. "You two should have taken your time and enjoyed your meal. It's MREs for us until we get back to home base."  Jorgun quite literally licked his plate clean before letting out a deep sigh. "Alright ladies time for us to get to the hanger. Private Morris has already gotten our gear. Sniping for you Varnym and Breacher for you Gwynn if I remember correctly." Jorgun made his way to the hanger at a surprisingly fast pace for someone who ate close to three pounds of food. "Oh by the way we fly out on Sally" Sally was the oldest orbital transport ship that the CFF owned, originally designed to be dropped from a space carrier she was only supposed to be able to operate at no more that 10,000 miles above a planet's surface. However modifications have extended that ranged to 250,000 miles and as a result of these modifications she became less safe and was typically reserved for missions where no one was expected to return.

Jacoby Quinn:
"So what the hell are we throwing our corpses at anyway?" She'd only been on one mission with sally before...And she had the prosthetic bones in her leg to prove that she'd barely made it out. Her smaller size meant she had to hit a light jog to keep up with Jorgun "In a rush to go die?"

"Well seeing as if they manage to put together the Fold weapon everybody dies, so it pretty much comes down to picking between certain death or a high probability of death." Jorgun laughed slightly to cover up the fact that all but one of the simulations ran in the war room ended up with them dead except for one, and even that only had a five percent chance of success. "No need to worry though, if you get hurt we'll just slap some more metal bones into you."

"i have to agree with that.... high probability of death beats out certain death any day..." Gwynn said. "so long as we don't die in a ball of fire in that wonderful hunk of scrap... i can only imagine frok the stories..." she'd joined the squad shortly after Varnym's mission aboard sally, so she had never actually been on the ship.


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