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Galactic Injustice(OOC)

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Jacoby Quinn:
Long time, no see friends and roleplayers!
hmm...rather dusty in here isn't it?
lets liven things up a bit

You wake up sore, groggy, and in pain. Your eyes blearily scan the broken Lexan in front of your face while a paw fumbles for the emergency release lever. Your pod door crashes to the floor clattering against broken metal, plastics, and ceramics. You...can recall your name, but nothing else. the shattered remains of the ship lie around you as another pod door crashes to the ground. wherever here is, you're not the only one.

The setting is in the distant future, FTL tech is a thing, and if you have any questions about what is and is not available tech wist let me know.

you guys can all play furries as aliens, play a human, or pick an alien

please try not to powergame, be kind to your other players, and have fun

you have all survived a crash, and woken up with amnesia, your starting gear will be ONLY the jumpsuit you woke up in. it is plain white. you may have cybernetic implants to an extent, but these will be deactivated in the beginning. if the enhancement is to a vital organ, it has been rendered functional under normal parameters only.

this is being played like a TTRPG (no rolls) so I ask that you do not autohit or give yourself gear without asking

Age- (18 or over)
species info-(if your species has any interesting biological features, horns, fangs, claws, poison, bio-luminescence, any of that or more)
Appearance- (coloring, markings, etc.)
character flaws-
Job before amnesia-(no expert level job positions please)
include images if you wish

Looks like a pretty fun rp haven't done one in awhile. Might decide to join.

Jacoby Quinn:
Would be happy to have you

Jacoby Quinn:
Age- 27
Species-savarian moon rabbit
species info-Similar to an earth rabbit, larger, omnivorous ambush predator, large fangs that protrude from the mouth, more efficient use of oxygen and adapted to cold climates.
Height-4' 5"
Appearance- Gray coloration, white chest blue speckling. Green eyes, blind in left eye with a milky iris.
Personality-friendly, but abrasive
character flaws-impatient, not physically fit, selfish
Job before amnesia-void-certified paramedic
include images if you wish

Name: Xavier
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species info: Venus Jackal. A hardy species of jackal, that has adapted to extreme heat and hostile atmospheres. Not the strongest bite force, but Known for their heat resistant fur.
Implant(Deactivated): Retractable grapling implant located on top of his right arm. Adrenaline implant located near his heart.
Height: 5'7"
Appearance: sapphire specks all over the face, hazel eyes, retractable 2inch claws, mostly red fur.
Personality: Friendly, wants to do the right thing.
Character Flaws: Easily stressed, can at times be cold and calculated.
Job Before amnesia: Hostile Environment Rescue


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