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Fox Spirit Matchmakers.


cause the rat:
Fox Spirit Matchmaker.

Lots of fox ears and tails with a few characters being fully anthro. Along with a hand full of human characters. A fun watch with a few serious parts. Really confusing to follow at times. You will watch something happen. Then watch something before that happened to make it happen. Then your 500 years in the past watching why it happened. Or something else happening all together. And that might be in a fifteen minute stretch of anime. A lot of humor. Most of the humor is easy to follow and the punch lines come quick. There's 125 episodes. At this time I've only watched 22.

cause the rat:
Not sure what's going on but sometime after ep. 22 this anime went to Chinese. Skipping way back into a previous part of the anime and being voiced in Chinese. The episode I watched still had the same English subtitles. That's a good thing. I have yet to find a Chinese anime with anything close to an understandable English translation, Nice story. Fun to watch. But this is where I'll leave it. Perhaps I'll be able to find this on a different Japanese Anime site. 


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