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Now that would be cool.

Nice to see so many people finally agreeing on an MMO. Maybe if we can get enough people on Furtopia interested in it, we could actually make a Furtopia city in game?  

Darkfall Trailer

Wow. This looks very sexy. If this turns out as good as it looks, I believe I'm quitting WoW.

Basically, looks like an MMO where you can do ANYTHING. No level requirements on items (I hope this will be changed), all of the combat is done by you, (Weapon swings, spellcasts, etc.,) you can take on any role, own cities, empires, pretty much anything. Graphics are beautiful to boot.

Reminded me a ton of Oblivion, as well. =3

From the trailer it also looks like there will be an anthro-wolf race too.

Anyways, thoughts on this? I personally am trying it as soon as it's out. I think the concept of no level requirements is not so great, but the controls that are all done by the player looks fun and owning a city would pretty much own. Any player can be attacked at any time, something else I hope will be tweaked.

Edit: Thanks!

Maybe if I were into mmo's I'd try it, but I don't know, it doesn't look that interesting to me.  
Not enough 'anything' for me I guess? O.o;

S'why I play SL.  *shot*

Does look pretty good for what it is though, I like that anthro wolf creature.   Thanks for sharing this


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