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Access to Adult Forums on Furtopia


Some of you may of noticed the "Adult Filter" link at the top of the forums (among other new ones being added)?

Furtopia forums does support adult discussion topics and artwork.  By default, access to the adult forums is blocked to all users.  Furtopia forum members if of at least 18+ years of age and having AT LEAST 50 good posts within the Furtopia forums may request access to be added/removed from these additional adult forums.

Currently you may request access by sending a PM to an Administrator to be added or removed from the adult forums.

EDIT by Kobuk:  The guidelines/rules for access to the Adult forums are the following:

1. You MUST list your REAL age in your profile and may not remove/edit it for as long as you have access to the Adult sections of Furtopia. If you remove/change your age in your profile while you still have access to the Adult forums, then the staff may revoke your access.

2. Any falseification of age, or other suspicious activity which alludes to a member being younger than 18 years of age while they have adult forum access, will lead to that member being banned from the Adult sections or may lead to other disciplinary measures as determined by staff.

3. You must have posted at least 50 posts in the regular non-adult public forums before access can be granted. Spamming to get to 50 posts in a very short time span will not be allowed. Posts in the Word Games forum do not count toward the 50 post count, as post counts in that particular forum have been disabled.

4. If members refuse in any way to list their age in their profile and refuse the request from the staff to list their age, Then access to the adult forums will be revoked.

Also if anyone has any problems getting access who has met the requirements just let me know in a PM.

Black Foot:
Not a problem White Sheppard I already PMed Kobuk to see if he can add me to the Adult part of Furtopia.

If anyone (18 or over) has problems getting access just shoot me a PM.


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