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The great Pony debate


Narei Mooncatt:
It's been discussed some in the other threads, but I think now that we have our own MLP sub-forum, we can break out the topics into their respective threads. For starters, lets discuss the most important question in the community.

Who's the best pony?

As I've said before, I'm for Vinyl Scratch all the way because of my love for DJ'ing (even if I can't do it myself) and clubs in general. She knows how to throw down a good beat, even if it's for a high society fashion show. Of the Mane 6, has to be Fluttershy. No one can resist her stare. >O.O<


Apple Bloom is obviously the best pony... so we must be talking about the best pony besides her, right?

*cough* nevermindmysig *cough*

There's also this poll too:
.......which I just now moved into this sub-forum. ;)

Narei Mooncatt:
Oh yeah, I forgot about that thread. Feel free to lock this one if you think it's too much of a duplicate. BTW, Landrav, Apple Bloom is probably the most adorable. :P

Closed. Please see my post further above with a link to a poll. ;)


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