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MLP Movie (The newest one; not Equestria Girls)


Selkie Stormclaw:
Has anyone else seen the movie? I loved what they did with it! Amazing 3D effects, dramatic storyline...  :)

What do y'all think?

Jade Sinapu:
I haven't seen it.  But maybe someone else has.

Kay Alett:
I saw it in theaters. I thought it was pretty good. I especially loved the pirates. The bird captain in particular is probably one of the best designed characters I've seen for the series. Plus I really liked the expansion on the lore, getting to see more of this world and cultures outside of the pony realms. Seeing other cultures and things like that.

If I remember correctly, I watched it before watching season 8 of the show, since that's where if fits chronologically.

I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I liked most of the songs too.  I had "We got this together" in my head for quite a while after watching it.  :)
Also, the movie introduced me to Sia, which I have since found has tons of music I like. So that's a big plus there.

Iara Warriorfeather:
I love this movie, it's very cute! I wish MLP characters were animated this way for the show/other one off episodes.


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