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Title: My early work :)
Post by: animagusurreal on July 24, 2009, 07:52:02 am
It's time for a little Animagusurreal Archaeology. These are some old pieces of artwork from my college years - mostly done in lined notebooks with a ball point pen - which my mother recently came across. This was back before I had access to scanners or Photoshop, so this is the first time ever that these pics are being seen online!

There was some artwork of the characters from my often-stalled, unwieldy fantasy novel project at the time, "Urbania", which went on to inspire my current often-stalled, unwieldy fantasy novel project, "Escapia". The idea of "Escapia" is modernity coming to the fantasy world. "Urbania" was about fantasy characters inhabiting the modern world. It took place in present-day New York City (this was years before "American Dragon: Jake Long" :) ).

These are the eyes of the major characters (listed below):


- Nieja (pronounced "Nia") Shanzi, the unicorn cop
- Jon Martel Drummio, the human "financial wizard" (again, years before American Dragon did this pun)

- Mauldine Faits, the half-elf villainess
- Marcus MacBell, the Scottish werewolf dog catcher

- Tana Fallow, the human telepathic lawyer main character (both eyes are hers. that diagonal line is the bridge of her nose)

- Tuhron Thompson, the streetcorner hot dog salesman fire dragon
- Gerard Legade, the knight-like human cop

- Sahra Thompson, Tuhron's wife, an ice dragon who sold soft drinks and ice cream (scanner ate the ice blue of her eye)
- Adam Foote -  a Quetzalcoatl-like dragon who faught alongside Faits

Here's Marcus, who was sort of the Remi or Ballad of his day as far as being the "favorite" character :) He's supposed  to look suave in this, not evil :). And I have no idea what's supposed to be in that bag he's holding. I probably just messed up his hand or something and then drew it in :).


And here's Tuhron:


What's really bizarre is that some of these pictures look more like my recent "experiments with other styles" than my typical style of artwork.

A lot of them involve a fan character I created named Anarchy, who was supposed to be the son of Teryx (a birdlike archaeopteryx) and Ichy (an aquatic ichthyosaurus) from the 1980's cartoon Dinosaucers.


Here are two pictures with him getting hypnotized by a pantheress.



Here he is getting punched by a dalmatian (with notes from Anthropology class.)


Poor guy! Here he is getting attacked again, along with the lioness riding on his back, by the electromagnetic stripes of an evil zebra, whom Anarchy was trying to blast using his cybernetic targeting system.


Ah, here he is having a pleasant swim.


A note about what my then-girlfriend wanted me to order from a Chinese food place, accompanied by a doodle of a panda holding chopsticks...with his pinky finger?


An electric-powered lion attacking a wolf while two dragons drain electricity from a powerline in the background.


A wolf with all sorts of weird stuff in the background.


An insanely muscular zebra.


An armored female Anubis with a snake.

Title: Re: My early work :)
Post by: animagusurreal on August 04, 2009, 03:05:20 am

Here's another one I found, of a fruit bat:

Title: Re: My early work :)
Post by: McMajik on August 04, 2009, 06:56:32 pm
The second picture really stood out for me. While the proportions are off (understandably for early work), the detail on the head is great...
Title: Re: My early work :)
Post by: animagusurreal on August 23, 2009, 06:44:26 am

Thanks :) Yeah, I like how I did the combination of canine and human teeth in his smile :).