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Title: Animal/anthro themed tarot - ideas discussion.
Post by: Bluetabbycat on March 13, 2017, 07:23:10 pm
For a while now, I’ve been thinking about drawing my own animal themed tarot, as many of the decks I see around aren’t really ‘me’. I have a few ideas which I really like, that I don’t particularly want to change, and I have some vague ideas (which I’ll put in italics). I was wondering if people whould be happy to  help me out  by bouncing around some ideas for cards I have no ideas for?

I’m just going to concentrate on the major arcana for now (although I do have a pretty good concept for the swords suit in the minor arcana involving porcupines  ;) ) as I don’t want to get swamped early on. Keep it bite-size.

I'll likely do these in my fine-liner pen style.

0 – The Fool – Puppy happily charging off, with stick and bundle held in it’s mouth.

1 – The Magician – Owl with sword, stave, cup and pentangle.

2 – The High Priestess – Snow leopard in robes with Triple Goddess (Wiccan) headdress.

3 – The Empress – Tigress in finery. Art Noveau influences.

4 – The Emperor – Lion (or a dragon?) in finery and armour pieces.

5 – The Hierophant –

6 – The Lovers – Swans or birds of Paradise together?

7 – The Chariot – Two horses charging filling most of the card. Parts of a harness and chariot can be seen around/behind them.

8 – Strength –

9 – The Hermit –

10 – The Wheel of Fortune –

11 – Justice –

12 – The Hanged Man –

13 – Death – A cowled figure with the face of a raven’s skull, with black wings and carrying an hourglass and/or scythe.

14 – Temperance –

15 – The Devil – Classic version of Baphomet, maybe with some reptilian features, with two humans chained and burning.

16 – The Tower – A huge tower-like tree struck by lightening, split in half and burning. Critters falling out terrified.

17 – The Star –

18 – The Moon –

19 – The Sun –

20 – Judgement –

21 – The World – Jörmungandr (snake) biting it’s tail, a map of the world can be seen inside the loop it’s body creates.

I will of course WIPs and completed images when they come along.  :)
Title: Re: Animal/anthro themed tarot - ideas discussion.
Post by: Bluetabbycat on March 17, 2017, 07:13:52 pm
Being a morbid soul, this is the first of my tarot card sketches!

Although the Death card can seem worrying if it turns up in a reading (most illustrations are full of symbols of mortality), this is infact a GOOD card as it represents change. Something old 'dying' to make way for something new.

Title: Re: Animal/anthro themed tarot - ideas discussion.
Post by: Bluetabbycat on January 11, 2018, 07:59:24 pm
So, I've been away arting for some time, and I've managed to draw up a few cards in that time. As always, better versions can be found on my DA.