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Title: Cold Heart - The Eveloution of Gina Eleta
Post by: DazWizzle on April 23, 2017, 08:09:51 am
Hey all. I wanted to share the progress of my protagonist from my book from early concepts to final design.

The idea behind the story was to write something I could make a game or animated cartoon so Gina was created to fill this gap. My first designs were human and never made it off paper. I ended up drawing one of my dogs and realized that I could make the image work so I had a little play around with an image as a concept design for ideas mainly. I can not remember where I found the image but never intended on using it. It was purely for a proof of concept only.
Spoiler: show

Following up on how the character looked I had a play around with creating my own character for the first time using anime studio6
Spoiler: show

I had a play with this design creating many different adaptations of Gina's head and a set of heads for lip syncing.
Spoiler: show

The Design of her character however I never enjoyed and the software was a little touchy for PNG images although it does have some advantages.

Next was the first hand drawn concepts.
Spoiler: show

Finally I had something I liked. So onto the digital art.
Spoiler: show
Early images of Darnell who later became Kolin.

I continued to work on Gina for another few months developing her as the story continued. Eventually I settled on a theme and the character really grew.

Spoiler: show
Gina and Kaida together for the first time for a size comparison between the two different races.

Finally I needed one redesign with lots of different angles and I needed consistency. So what better way then to rotor-scope. The Final design for Gina
Spoiler: show

The 3D model was one of the most interesting thing I have done and I was really happy with the results. The advantage is I can reuse the 3d assets to create all the other characters with some minor tweaking.

Thanks for taking the time to look over a few years of character development. .
Title: Re: Cold Heart - The Eveloution of the Canidae's
Post by: DazWizzle on June 04, 2017, 04:29:51 am
So I am finally up to the final part of the book, Its due to hit the editor early to mid July for a final edit before publishing. So finally its time to work on the final parts cover design and I decided to add a new character that appears in Part 5, Ellie Alvey.

Doing a little more research into what type of Canid I wanted her to be I settled on a Mesomelas (black-backed jackal) Still early days with her character design. I hope to get something done in flash tonight for the new cover. I think her nose is a little too large compared to the other species of canidae's but I will see how it looks when I give her some colour.