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Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.

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Old Rabbit:
Now that the election is over, I thought it would be good to have a place
to post how Trump, the GOP and Democrats work together. Along with
problems they may have or proposed laws and or changes.

We can give some opinons, but let's not make it a debate. We have
a place for Debates.

Currently Trump and the two major parties are in a transistion, so it's hard
to know what will happen after Jan 20th of 2017.

Trump is testing the waters as he looks to fill his cabinet.  So far he hasn't
really made any solid picks, but he wants to enclude some of his family which
is  likely to cause problems as there are laws against hiring family. Also it's
interesting how Trump is bypassing the same security he called Clinton out for
as he talks to foreign leaders on a unsecure cellphone. Trump tweeted that Ford
wasn't moving it's SUV plan in KY to Mexico, but he didn't pass on the info that
Ford had never planned to move it, but implyed it was because he told Ford not
to. It appears Trump is learning to be a politician.

The GOP is flying high hoping to pass laws to change medicare, ACA and other
things people depend on. Trump said he wouldn't support changes to medicare
or social security, but time will tell.  Also they are talking about starting the wall,
it's likely just talk. They know Mexico won't pay for it. I heard some day the GOP
has their eye on the social securiety fund to cover new expenses. They have done
that in the past, so they may again.

The Democrats are in a tisy trying to figure out how to gain seats in governlment
not only in the federal goverment, but across the country. Also they are makiplans
about trying to slow down the GOP hoping to limit changes to things they worked
hard for. I think they best return to their roots helping the common man, and not
the rich people who can help them selves.

I will post more as I feel there is something to pass along.  I will post links on
significant news reports. This is mostly a commentary on government.. I get my
information at MSnbc.

Old Rabbit:
The freedom of the press is very important for a people of any
country.  Trump seems to be trying to convince the public the
press isn't trustworthy. He hides from the press every chance
he gets. He should know as president he is in the public eye, with
no privacy. He constantly tries to hide from the media that he doesn't
control, and still hasn't released his tax returns.

Trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle his university fraud law suit. He
said it was because it would enterfear with his transition work. I wonder
how many people would give away that much money to save a few hours
of testimony.  I have a hunch he was afraid of the questions he might be
asked to answer under oath. Seems Trump feels he has much to hide, Should
we be worried? It might only be a habit he has from being in big business.
Only time will tell.

Not much new on the GOP other they have been showing some concern
about some Trumps proposed cabinet members. Along with the Democrats,
and the media. I think it's odd how the GOP was against Trump untill after
the election and now they practically bow in his presence. Seems a bit
of hypocrisy  to me. Will the GOP show the same concern for any suspicion of
corruption by Trump and family as they did for the Clintons? Politics being
what it is I doubt it, but time will tell.

cause the rat:
you can bet it's all going to be the same. The same broken party is in control of the house and senate. Trump will be looked upon as a temporary annoyance. They will block any of his efforts to 'change' things. I hear trump wants to do a new deal bill to get the economy going. For those of us who don't know what this was. FDR paid people to build roads. As someone put it. Paid one man to dig a hole. Paid another to fill it. This got many people working again and helped fix the slump the economy was in at that time. Until some unscrupulous people convinced FDR it wasn't working. Anyway trump wants to do this with both government and privet monies. This is how I see this going down. He will put the bill forward. The house and senate will hold America hostage over Obama Care. Trump will refuse to get rid of Obama Care. The republicans will refuse to pass any new deal bill. The republicans will also defeat any of trumps proposed changes in special intrust or lobbyist groups.

The irony of  trumps proposed 'truth in media' is it will shut down every media outlet that supported him. If he does try to force this he could be seen as unconstitutional and impeached. Trump has no idea what he's got himself into.

Acting like a spoiled brat will only turn more people against him. Trump is a pathological lier. He will say one thing. Then say something else. Then deny he said either things. He is a psychotic narcissist who wont be able to help himself.  He's going to make Clinton's "I didn't have sex with that woman" sound like Winnie the Poo's "Now were is my honey jar".  There is a pun in there. I do hope you get it.  :)

What would really be fun to watch. If the republican party looks to favor a truth in media bill will fox news network suddenly see the light? Start preaching the glories of the democrats and the evils of the republican empire......... :D

I really hope after these next four years America finally gets it. There is only one way to get Washington to work. Vote people in who are willing to do the job.

Old Rabbit:
I think time will show who Trump really is. He had a meeting with Romney for
secretary of state. On "Meet the Press" one of Trumps people said the meeting
went well. Trump will continue to have problems with mixing his business and
his presidency though. Just saying he won't isn't enough.

Senator Sandors says he will work with Trump on some of his progressive ideas, but
will fight him and remind Trumps supporters if his promises turn out to be lies. He
feels Trump should apologize for all the bad things he said during the campain. Also
tell the extreeme right to stop harassing people, and tell them he has no plans to
support their racist ways. He should also publicly apologize to Obama for his claims
that Obama wasn't an ameerican. The statement he made saying Obama was an
american wasn't an apogee.

World thoughts
Some leaders around the world are concerned that we have elected a fascist. Or at
least a man who could turn into one. Several countries have racist nationalistic
movements. Similar to before WWII.. I hope we don't see it grow here.

If the GOP isn't carful  their ideas could lead to a world depression. Much worse than
the recession we had in 2008. Turning the economy over to the rich without regulations
is a dead end for the middle  class, much less the poor. Our economy is strong, but the
middle class is loosing ground. That's why many people voted for Trump. I fear he will do
little to turn it around. Much less the GOP.

Go to    If you wish to read more about about current political news.

cause the rat:
First MSMBC has the same love of propaganda as fox news network. Not to be trusted. Secondly it would be ridiculous for trump to tell people to not be racist. Seeing the cabinet of hard lined racist he's building. Fueling a divide in this country would only serve his push for trickle down economics. Not going to speculate here. Just going by what he's said and how he's rhetoric has played out through this election. Then adding who he's surrounding himself with.

No matter who our psychotic pathological lier is he doesn't have the power he he wants. No matter who he surrounds himself with.


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