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Live gigs. Vids included.
« on: August 15, 2018, 09:02:32 pm »
Just dropped in to share the live gigs I've been doing lately and hopefully get some furry feedback:

-Been playing more with SoundBay lately: We won second place at this one,first place winners knew the judges... >:( ...funny coincidence huh...yeaaah suuure. (Fave bit on this one is after 7:55 where band said I was allowed to just go crazy long with the scream at the end) :D
-Also was playing with PitWailers but we have since disbanded,which is a shame since I love stoner rock:
-Warming the voice up at soundcheck before a SoundBay gig: In mah furry wolf jacket. :)

Got more gigs on 23rd and 26th this month with SoundBay so stuff it going well so far.

Any critisism and thoughts are very welcome and wanted...although I already know I should probably move about a little more on stage and show a little more personality. :-[ I get nervous I guess.

(I shared these videos in Cause the Rats scream thread since it was on topic and potentially helpful,but would prefer that any critisisms and feedback be left here instead as to not go off topic in Cause the rats thread which is about screams and vocal fry)

EDIT: Forgot I haven't been on here in ages and am probably new to some furs...I am the male vocalist.
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